School Uniform

The school uniform is worn from Monday to Wednesday. Children have the option of wearing the school tracksuit on Thursday and Friday.

Boys Uniform

Grey Shirt, striped tie, royal blue jumper and grey trousers (see image below).

Girls Uniform

White shirt, striped tie, royal blue cardigan or jumper and royal blue pinafore (see image below). Girls in 5th and 6th class may wear a blue skirt instead of the pinafore. During cold weather, the girls may wear grey trousers.

School Tracksuit

Navy crested jumper, white polo-shirt and navy tracksuit bottoms (see image below).

Where To Buy

The school uniform can be purchased in ‘Gemma’s Uniforms’, Henry Street, Limerick. The crested school tracksuit can be purchased from ‘John Dinnage’, Main Street, Rathkeale.

Boys & Girls School Uniforms
Boys & Girls School Tracksuits