Junior Infants


Teacher: Ms. Balfry

Junior Infants Mid Term Update

Welcoming the new Junior Infants is always special for us in Kilcornan National School, but this year was extra special! Our new Junior Infants entered a school unlike any pupils before them and we are so proud of how they have adapted! They entered their new environment and very quickly became experts at washing their hands, sanitising and remaining in their pods,as well as adapting to the school rules and routines that every new Junior Infant has to encounter. We are so proud of them!!

It has been lovely to see new friendships being formed between the pupils themselves as well as relationships developing between our new pupils and the staff. Juniors are now very familiar with the teachers and SNA’s in their lunch group and the staff they encounter on a daily basis. A special word of thanks to Mrs. Wixted and Catherine who help us in our classroom each day!

Junior Infants have worked extremely hard since beginning their school journey and have earned a rest for the Mid Term! We have been learning sounds each day as well as new sight words. We have learned lots of rhymes and are building up our Oral Language vocabulary on different themes such as School, The Doctor, Autumn and Halloween. We love engaging with the Stay Safe programme and exploring our feelings and friendships.

We learned lots about autumn and the changes that occur during this season. We engaged in autumn art including autumn handprint trees that we finger painted using autumn colours, acorn men and scarecrow faces using paper plates. We also created amazing self portraits using wool for our hair and made some spooky spiders for Halloween! We are learning how to hold our pencils correctly and are practising our cutting skills. We are really enjoying our Bua na Cainte Irish programme and are using our Irish words throughout the day!

We also have great fun playing together, showing off our moves when we are dancing to Go Noodle and listening to stories everyday. Ms. Balfry is so proud of how we use our manners, especially 'as gaeilge' and remember our ‘Kind Words’, ‘Kind Hands’ and ‘Kind Feet’ everywhere we go!

Have a safe and enjoyable Mid term and check back in with us for more updates soon!

Slán from Junior Infants!!

Open Day for New Entrants

Kilcornan National School's Open day for new entrants for the 2020/21 academic year takes place on Friday 6th March at 2.00 pm. All interested parents and pupils are very welcome to come and visit us for a chat and a tour of the school. If you would like an invitation for your son or daughter to attend, please contact the school and give our secretary Lorraine your details. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Junior Infants' December Update

Happy Christmas from Junior Infants!

Our first term in primary school has just flown by! We have finished learning all of our Jolly Phonics sounds and are now starting to blend and read words! Ms. Balfry is so proud of us all! We love reciting rhymes together and having story time at the end of each day. We are continuing our station teaching each day and are becoming very good at forming our letters,blending and developing our oral language skills. Thank you to Karina, Mrs. Wixted and Mrs. Quinn for their continued support here!

We thoroughly enjoyed our Skip Hop day and demonstrating our skills for our parents at the end of the day. We had a great Science Week where we created ‘explosions’ using baking soda and vinegar and ‘walking water’ with capillary action. A visitor from Dog’s Trust taught us all about how to protect ourselves and our pets. We are practising making reservations and appointments as part of our Oral Language and have had some fun conversations during station teaching and free play!

Junior Infants were very excited to welcome a new pupil into our class this month and we are doing our best to make Jake feel welcome. He has been such a pleasant addition to our class! We also had a surprise visitor this month in the form of one of Santa’s elves who we have called ‘Jingles’. We look forward to seeing what mischief he has been getting up to every morning!

We are so excited for our first Christmas show ‘Cinderella’. We will be singing a song and dancing on stage. We have been working very hard and can’t wait for you all to see it! Thanks to Kate for helping us prepare.

When we have performed in the school show we look forward to visiting the University of Limerick to see the pantomime, ‘Aladdin’. It’s going to be a busy but fun end to the year! We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and will have more updates for you in 2020!

Junior Infants September Update

Welcome to the Junior Infants page!

We are so excited to start Kilcornan National School this year! We have been making lots of new friends in our class and learning all about our new school and surroundings. Ms.Balfry is very proud how we are using our ‘Kind Words, Kind Hands and Kind Feet’ everyday! We are working hard to earn stickers, stars and Golden Time! We have started learning our sounds and are enjoying doing our Jolly Phonics everyday. We have also begun station teaching with Mrs. Wixted, Mrs. Quinn and Karina. We are focusing on Oral Language, Phonics, Handwriting and Fine Motor Control and our teachers have seen improvements already! We are learning sight words using our word boxes and are matching and sorting in Maths. We are engaging in lots of activities about autumn and have made autumn trees and acorn men! We are also using our Oral Language to learn autumn vocabulary and are practising our phone conversations such as making appointments with the doctor etc.... We really enjoy our movement breaks and love dancing with GoNoodle! We are looking forward to our Skip Hop day and can’t wait to dress up for Halloween in a few weeks! Check back in with us soon for updates!

Slán from Juniors!


Junior Infants