Senior Infants & 1st Class


Teacher: Mrs. Gleeson

Senior Infants & 1st Class December Update

Happy Christmas!! We have had a very busy half-term!

We have learned about 2-D and 3-D shapes. We spent a lot of time investigating and handling sets of shapes, so we could figure out their properties. We learned the names of circles, rectangles, triangles and squares and cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder. We made shape pictures with the 2-D shapes and buildings with the 3-D shapes. We also completed a maths trail,where we identified 2- and 3-D shapes in real life.

We learned how to measure using non-standard units, like cubes, lollipop sticks, straws and even our hands. We use comparative words to describe items like long, longer, wide, wider, tall and taller. In first class we started measuring using a metre stick.

We love our Bua na Cainte. We have learned all about Daidí na Nollag, stoca Nollag, cáca Nollag, hata dearg, cóta dearg agus bristí dearg! We love singing our songs and saying our rhymes, especially Bualadh Bos agus Síndo Lámha.

Our writing and reading are continuing to improve. We learned about acrostic poems and wrote a shared one entitled ELF. First class made up their own amazing acrostic poems called SANTA. We have enjoyed reading independently during our DEAR time. Senior Infants are really enjoying their CAPER time at home and first class are looking forward to starting it in the new year.

In SESE we have learned about toys and games that might be the same nowadays as they were when our grandparents were young. We watched archived footage of ‘The Late Late Toy Show’ and compared it to this year’s Late Late Toy Show! We examined the materials that some toys are made from and looked for those materials in our local environment. We investigated objects made from a variety of materials to examine whether they would float or sink. We observed the weather and kept a record of it every day for a week. It was cold and rainy most often! We read a wonderful story called Raindrop Bill, which describes the water cycle. We replicated rain falling from rain clouds with shaving foam and food dye. We celebrated Science week by having experiments every day. We grew seeds but kept the light from one seed tray to test if the seeds would grow. We put hard boiled eggs into different liquids to examine the effect on the shell of the eggs. The egg shells react in much the same way as the enamel on our teeth do; after a few days we examined the eggs and used a tooth brush to clean them!

In SPHE we have started our Stay Safe programme.  We also learned the correct way to brush our teeth, with help from the Singing Dentist! We made a 3-D collage of a toothbrush and tooth paste.

In art, we learned about primary colours. We mixed yellow and blue to make different shades of green. We used our greens to paint Snapsy theAlligator, a character from one of our stories. We mixed yellow and red to make different shades of orange, which we used to paint the sky at sunset. Once it was dry, we used our pencil and crayons to draw a silhouette. We made and decorated Christmas trees and Christmas baubles. We were also lucky enough to be gifted wooden reindeer ornaments from a parent, which we decorated and hung at home.  

We love going to the astro turf for PE lessons. If the weather is not suitable, we work on fundamental movements in our pods. Our teacher always makes sure we get enough movement throughout the day. We play lots of physical games for Maths and Gaeilge.

Nollag Shona Duit!

Senior Infants & First Class Mid Term Update

It has been wonderful being back in school and seeing our friends every day! Our teacher, Mrs. Gleeson, is so proud of how well we have adjusted to the Covid-19 regulations. We have five different colour pods in our classroom. In Seniors we have the primary colours– red, blue and yellow. In First Class our colours are orange and green. On the first day we had our colour balloons floating above our tables to help us find our way!

                  We always remember to sanitise our hands when we enter and leave the classroom. We also sanitise before we eat. In class, we stay at our own pods and we can share with other children in our pod.We have special boxes of toys that we can use. When we are finished with them,they go into ‘quarantine’; then we can swap the boxes safely. We remember to put our books straight into the quarantine box when we bring them back to school.

               In SPHE we have been learning how to take turns, especially when we are talking in class. We try to look at the person that is speaking and we put up our hands when we want to say something. We have also been learning about healthy eating and the kinds of foods that we should eat lots of and the foods that we should keep as a treat. We can bring a treat in our lunch on Fridays, but we eat our healthy food first! We have been learning about how we grow and change. We hav eall grown up so much since we first started school.

               In Literacy we have made great progress with our reading. We concentrated on our Jolly Phonics sounds and actions; we like to sound our and blend the words we come across. Mrs. Gleeson gives stamps for great reading and writing – when we fill our stamp card, everyone gives a ‘bualadh bos’, our name gets written in the special pink circle and at the end of the day we get to pick a prize from the prize box!

In First Class, we are doing the PAT programme, which helps our reading and writing. We love using our free writing copies to create stories, jokes, poems and pictures.

In Maths we enjoy playing lots ofgames to warm up our brain – Buzz is our favourite! We like using our 5-frames and 10-frames to learn more about number. We spent time examining and investigating some 3-D shapes – cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder. We discovered which ones could roll and which we could stack. We even use 2-D shapes when we go to PE lessons in the astro turf.

In First class, we are getting really good at our tables and knowing our mental maths facts by heart. We can add three numbers together and are learning different ways of subtraction. We also like talking out the maths problems and finding out how everyone did it!

In Gaeilge, we love our new Bua na Cainte programme. There are lots of interactive games and poems and songs.Is maith linn é! When an adult comes to the classroom we say ‘Fáilte romhat!’ We also love to play ‘Deir Ó Grádaigh’. Mrs. Gleeson doesn’t play ‘knock out’ every time because we are so good! Sometimes she calls out a child’s name and says ‘Tusa an múinteoir anois!’ and then that child gets to call out the instructions.

We have created lots of art since we have been back at school. We made emoji faces and a sleeping three toed sloth using a paper plate. We used rolled-up card and strips of paper to make an octopus. We learned to draw Hairy Mc Lairy, the dog in our story, and then we stuck pieces of wool on to the picture to create his long messy hair! We made lots of different Halloween art – a collaborative 3-D ghost, bats and a painting. We found out where socks go – there’s a secret tunnel at the back of the drier that leads to ‘Sock City’ – so we created our own sock puppet from all the lonely socks left behind! Everybody created their own character using foam for the tongue and different eyes. Some people made lots of eyes! We love being creative with plasticine too.

Stay Safe.

Senior Infants' December Update

We have been learning so much in Senior Infants this half-term! We had Ms. Downes on teaching practice for three weeks in November and she did lots of lovely lessons with us.

In literacy, we are learning to read our Dolch List words. Dolch List words are the most common 100 words and knowing them means that we become better readers.We have shared lots of lovely stories this term too. One of our favourites was‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Robertson. We acted out the story, pretending to be the different characters and each having the correct item of clothing that the giant gave us. It was lots of fun.

We have a special book to help us with our oral language. We learn new words based on a different topic every few weeks. There is an interactive poster that goes with it on the white board, and there are lots of interactive games. We love playing them and they help us with our words too.

We have paid particular attention to improving our writing skills, with wonderful outcomes! We always remember to sit up straight, use our two hands, and a sharp pencil. It’s important to have a good pencil grip so that our hands don’t tire easily.

We have learned lots about 3-D. Ms. Downes made Callum Cuboid, Conor Cube, Sammy Sphere and Cindy Cylinder come to life as characters! They helped us match and sort real-life 3-D shapes from around the classroom. We have also been learning about 2-D shapes. We played lots of tangram games and made pictures using squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. We enjoy playing dice games to help us with adding. We had a special one for Christmas, where we worked in pairs to add up the numbers from two die, then we had to find the correct present and colour it. It was really enjoyable!

In SESE we have learned about the Emperor Penguin and Antarctica. We made penguins from toilet roll inserts and a winter scene using fake snow. The fake snow was lots of fun to play with. We all loved feeling it expand in our hands when the teacher added water to it!! In Science, we learned about electricity. We worked together in small groups to make a circuit. We knew it had worked when the bulb lit up! There was great excitement during that lesson!

Sa Ghaeilge, we each made a ‘fear sneachta’ using cotton wool and dressed him to keep him warm. We learned songs and poems about ‘Daidí na Nollaig’ and acted out ‘drámaíocthtaí’. We are getting very good at remembering to say ‘Fáilte Romhat’ to any visitor to the classroom. We also say ‘Tá mé reidh’ when we are ready. We love using our Irish every day.

Our biggest highlight this term has to have been getting ready for our Christmas Show ‘Cinderella’ the panto! The song that we learned was ‘Dancing on Sunshine’. Kate Upton taught us all the dance moves and we worked really hard to all do them at them same time. It was lots of fun!

We also went to UL’s University Concert Hall to see a professional panto – ‘Oh yes we did!!!’ We had a great day out and enjoyed the experience hugely!


Senior Infants September Update

Welcome to the Senior Infants’ update! We have been very busy since September! We sit in three large groups, which allows us to work together and share. We have a reading area with a warm mat and comfy cushions, a sand table for messy play and a carpet area for stories. We are working on our words and practise our reading every day. We are also becoming more independent, cleaning up after ourselves and writing down our own homework.

We are doing Aistear in our classroom this year. ‘Aistear’ means ‘journey’ and it is our journey through play-based learning based on different themes. We split into different groups for Aistear time and spend time at different stations during the week. Our stations change every week and include a literacy station,a numeracy station, an art station, a sand table and a plasticine station to name a few!

Our Aistear themes so far have been ‘Myself’,‘The Airport’, and ‘Minibeasts’. We have made caterpillars with pom poms and spiders with plasticine. We have created our own realistic passports and used them in our role play for the airport. In our writing group we have created wonderful stories based on the adventures of different minibeasts. We have also learned about the Wright brothers and made and flown our own paper planes.

Our current theme is‘Autumn’. We are learning about hedgehogs and the changing environment around us. Hedgehogs are mammals – ask us what we know about mammals! We have a wonderful nature table, which the children add to when they find something interesting in the garden or Curraghchase. We are making realistic hedgehogs at the art station.

We are practising welcoming visitors to the classroom ‘as Gaeilge’. We also love to play ‘Deir ÓGrádaigh’ and sing ‘Ceann, gualainn, gluain ‘is cos’ comh tapa agus is féidir linn!

We are learning lots of new games and new ways to move our bodies in PE. Movement helps our learning so we make sure to get lots of movement breaks in between lessons. Go Noodle has some of our favourite dances. We also have a breathing ball to help us focus on our breathing as a way of meditating and feeling calm.

Everyone is Senior Infants has a stamp card and the teacher gives us stamps for lovely writing,homework, kind sharing or nice behaviour. When we get 10 stamps we can choose a prize from the prize box, which is closely guarded by a vicious dog called Coco! Sandy is our class teddy and he visits a different house each night. He has great fun spending time with us and seeing what we like to do outside of school. We each draw a picture and write something that we did together in Sandy’s special book. We really enjoy looking back over the adventures that Sandy has been on with each of us!

‘The Gold Cushion of Great Work’ is a very special cushion that the teacher gives to a child who has done some great work during the day. That child gets to use the cushion the next day as a reward. We always give a big ‘bualadh bos’ to the people who get a reward to show them that we are proud of them.

We are looking forward to great fun in school when we dress up for Halloween, and a well-earned break over the mid-term! We have worked really hard since we started Seniors!


Senior Infants & 1st Class