Senior Infants & First Class


Teacher: Mrs. Gleeson

Senior Infants & First Class Summer Update

What a busy term we have had here in the Senior Infant and First Class classroom!

Our best day ever was our school tour day! We went to Arena 5, to Jump Lanes and the soft play area. It was brilliant fun! Lots of our class had never been on a school tour, because of Covid, so it was exciting getting on a big bus and travelling with all our friends. When we were finished playing, we ate delicious food in the party room. The weather was awful – it had been raining all morning – but we headed for Mungret playground with hope in our hearts! We were so delighted that it stopped raining and we were able to go into the playground and have fun! We ate our picnic treats and headed back to the school. What a wonderful day!

We have also enjoyed a most wonderful School Sports’ Day. Th class children did such a great job organising all the different stations for us! Some of our favourites were the sack race and the egg and spoon race.

We were delighted to have Declan Hannon to raise our 10th Green Flag! We celebrated with lots of singing and treats! Declan spent lots of time signing hurleys and sliotars for everyone in the school! We will always remember that day!

We did a lot of work this term too! In maths, in first class, we learnt to carry our ‘tens’ to their new house. It is a bit different from how our parents learnt it!. Seniors learnt all about capacity. We compared all our drinks containers and put them in order. It was a bit tricky, because some bottles were tall and some were wide.

We visited ‘An Trá’ in our Irish lessons and enjoyed playing le buicéad agus spád!

We learned about Irish wildflowers and conducted many hunts in search of different varieties.

We read many, many stories – some of our favourites were ‘The Beast with a Thousand Teeth’, ‘Rainbow Fish’, ‘Peas, Cheese and Chocolate Pudding’.

We designed and created our own rainbow fish and used tinfoil for the very special scales. We also created an outfit for George the giant from ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’. We used lots of different fabric and fibre to create different textures from his old gown and sandals to his ‘smart’ clothes and shoes.

On our last day we made a guard of honour for Mrs. Wixted as she drove to school. A drone captured the crowd, and our handmade signs, from the sky. It was a wonderful send-off. We will miss Mrs. Wixted next year but look forward to hearing about all her adventures!

We are ready for our summer holidays!

School Tour: Juniors, Seniors & First Class

Pupils were so delighted to be able to go on what, for many of them, was their first school tour! Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class went to Arena 5 where they enjoyed soft play and jump lanes. They had amazing fun sliding, building, climbing and practicing their acrobatics! They then had delicious chips, sausages, chicken nuggets and pizzas for lunch. On the way home, they visited Mungret playground for even more fun. A big thank you to Catherine, Marian, Ms. Quinn and Mrs. Wixted who accompanied Ms. Balfry and Mrs. Gleeson on the tour. See the photos gallery for more pictures of the day!

Seniors & First Class Easter Update

What an amazing term we have had in Seniors and First!

In oral language we were learning about the zoo. Dublin Zoo has a live feed from various areas in the zoo where we could watch the animals. We liked to check in on them at different times of the day to see what they were up to! We also checked on the live feed from San Diego Zoo. This really helped us when we were learning about ‘time’, because of the time difference if we got the time wrong the animals were all gone to sleep for the night! We saw elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, rhinoceros, polar bears, a tiger (who seemed to sleep all day!) and sea lions. We were very interested in the conservation work that most zoos do to help endangered animals.  


We have made some wonderful pieces of art work: the colourful rain painting where we had to use a straw to push the ‘rain’ on top of the umbrella silhouette; drawing the Big Scary Monster; creating daffodils for spring; making St. Brigid’s crosses from paper; constructing the cutest pigs from shapes; making shamrock characters with arms and legs; creating prints of easter eggs using foam and roller paints – we love being creative and getting the chance to admire everyone’s art work. Since we can mix again, we like to walk around to all the desks and admire the art up close.


In SESE we read Raindrop Bill, who taught us about the watercycle. We read the story of Jack Frost and created our own weather characters –Tommy Tornado, Rosie Rainbow and many others.

We also learned a lot about recycling. We examined maps to get to the recycling centre, we sorted materials into the same categories and learned a song about recycling. We took part in the TLC clean up around the school. We are so proud of our school and love to have it looking beautiful.

We examined the earthworm. It was really interesting to see how an earthworm uses their muscles to move. We tried to move like earthworms,which was great fun and much harder than we expected!


In maths, we made up fun stories when we were learning ‘The Story of 8’, ‘The Story of 9’ and ‘The Story of 10’. We got very creative – one ladybird gave her spots away to her friend who had none (8+0=0, 7+1=8 etc.);there were marbles that landed in a volcano and some that landed in the sea(4+5=9, 3+6=9 etc.)

We read ‘Ten Fat Sausages’ and ‘Trixie Ten’. These were stories to help us examine and consolidate our learning of the number 10.

We learned about weight and used the balance and cubes to investigate how heavy different objects were.

We also learned o’ clock – and half past inclass – and worked in pairs with our own clocks to test each other.


In literacy we used the story of ‘Trixie Ten’ to help us withour sounds. We made up our own characters and gave them new names.

Senior Infants are reading so well. We are going to start our final class reader after Easter. We are also engaging in CAPER (children andparents enjoying reading), which is something we love to do at home with an adult.

First class have just finished their first class novel, ‘Camper Van Fun’, and really enjoyed dramatizing all the different sounds that were happening. The children acted out all the shenanigans that happened in the story!

We have done lots of writing – procedural, narrative and poetry – in both classes. We remember to do our finger exercises before we start writing, have a sharp pencil, good posture and use finger spaces to makesure our writing is the best it can be.  


We were delighted when the restrictions lifted enough to allow us to mix outside of our pods. We were able to start Aistear with all of Senior Infants and First class. We have an Aistear topic, split into groups and have five stations over a week. Some of our stations so far have been: reading, writing, role play, small world, sand play, science, egg hunt, art, and puzzles. It is a wonderful time for collaborative learning through play. We try and use the language that we are learning when we are in our groups.

Senior Infants & 1st Class Christmas update

What a term we have had in Seniors and 1st Class!

Senior Infants have been learning lots of new sight words and ‘tricky words’. These are fundamental to becoming better readers and we love practising our reading together. Our writing has also improved so much. We like to have a sharp pencil, a good pencil grip and a steady posture to make sure our writing is as nice as it can be!

In first class we are becoming so fluent at our reading our teacher says it is a pleasure to listen to us!! We also take great pride in having lovely writing.

We have enjoyed the build up to Christmas, learning songs and decorating our classroom. We threaded baubles at the ‘early finishers table’, which was great fine motor work. Threading and tying knots is tricky work!

In SESE, we learned about toys from the past. We all enjoyed watching ‘The Late Late Toy Show’ at home, but in school we watched a clip of an old ‘Late Late’ with Gay Byrne. We loved comparing the toys and the clothes on both shows. We also sorted toys into ‘old and modern’ using things like electricity/motors and materials from which they were made to help us identify whether we would buy them now or they would have been from our grandparents’ time.

We have loved learning about Emperor Penguins and even made our own 3D model of a penguin from a cylinder. We watched videos of the mom and dad penguins minding and feeding the chick. Hearing their calls and imitating them was fun! We also learned that penguins only live in the southern hemisphere of the world. We realised that this means that penguins and polar bears don’t live in the same place in the wild, so would never meet. This inspired some story writing about penguins going on adventures and meeting polar bears!

We had a wonderful story time with Roisín Meaney on zoom. She told us two stories – The Donkey and The Cross Snowman – we loved drawing our own pictures to illustrate the stories and help us retell them. Our teacher took pictures of our stories and sent them to Limerick Library to share with Roisín.

Since we couldn’t attend the Limetree theatre in person, they very kindly streamed a puppet show called ‘How to Catch a Star’. We loved the show! It was captivating following the story and all the obstacles that the character faced.

In Grow in Love, we have learned about Jesus being born in the stable in Bethlehem and the visitors that came to see him. We put our own crib in our scared space in the classroom.

We have learned lots of songs sa Gaeilge – Bualadh Bos is é an cheann is fearr linn – Tá Daidí na Nollag ag teacht anocht anuas an similéir brings raucous applause!

We have learned lots about 2D and 3D shapes. We used the shapes to create pictures and constructions. We sorted and classified shapes and followed patterns. We also identified real-life objects at home and in school. When we draw we often start with familiar shapes.

Sparkles and Jingles the Elves came to stay with us for a couple of weeks! They were well behaved while we were in school, but once we were gone they played with our toys, wrote on the white board and even sprayed snow on the windows!

We are so excited for Christmas and spending time at home with our families! Nollag Shona daoibh go léir!


Senior Infants & First Class