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Senior Infants and First Class


Teacher: Mrs. Gleeson

Senior Infants and First Class December Update

We have been very busy this term!

Senior Infants have been working really hard at their reading, and all their hard work is paying off. First class and Seniors have been really enjoying their C.A.P.E.R. work at home. It is important to spend uninterrupted time reading with younger children. It increases their vocabulary, comprehension and confidence. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful library filled with reading and sensory resources.  

In SESE we learned all about our teeth and what we used different teeth for. The children practised making teeth from plasticine –sharp incisors for biting and square flat molars and pre-molars for chewing –before making our own from clay! First class learned about ‘Síog na bhFiacla’along the way and we had plenty of ‘fiacla ag bogadh’!

We experimented with different materials in Science. The children made predictions about which materials would be waterproof, and also which objects would float or sink. They used what they had learned to design and make a waterproof outfit for a doll. The groups each had a chance to share their creations with the class.

Seniors and First class were delighted to get the chance of dancing with Kate Upton and learned many new dance moves! Dance is a stand-alone strand in the PE curriculum, which emphasises and helps to develop gross motor skills, including co-ordination and balance, through fluid movement. The children love the chance of performing onstage and preparing for and putting on a show is a very valuable learning experience. We hope you will all enjoy our show ‘The Wizard of Oz’!

I set the children two separate STEM challenges this month.The first was to build a bridge which would carry the Billy Goats Gruff across the river. The children worked in small groups to create a bridge choosing suitable materials from a range available to them. They did an amazing job and even tested the stability of the bridge using goats and cows from our ‘Small World’farm!

The second STEM challenge was to build Santa’s sleigh! First class worked together to make a wonderful child-sized sleigh that had a seat for Santa, reins for the reindeer and a big compartment for presents!!

Wishing you all a wonderful peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year!

School Tour May 2018

The Glen Resource Centre in Co. Cork hosted pupils from Junior Infants to Sixth Class for our school tour this year. With different activities catering for the various classes, pupils enjoyed a wide variety of games from snowtubing and zip wire to trampolining and zorbing. We were extremely fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day and the feedback from pupils was very high! As usual, the professionalism and efficient manner in which The Glen is run ensured a fantastic day for all!

Senior Infants

Senior Infants News Update - February 2018

Senior Infants have had a great first term. We have had lots of fun in class with Aistear, Maths Stations, Literacy Stations, cluichí Gaeilge, Go Noodle movement breaks, Music, Poetry, Drama and especially Art.

We are really enjoying our second term as well.

We have really developed with our Maths. We can now count to 20, estimate and measure length, height and width, we know our 2D and 3D shapes and are getting the hang of counting on. The Story of 9 is just finished and we cannot wait to start the Story of 10.

Our reading is getting way better thanks to our Buddies in Third and Fourth Class. Also, we love getting CAPER books each week which give us the chance to read with our parents at home. Our writing is getting better too thanks to all the hard work being done at home with our spellings.

We are all getting really healthy and fit thanks to all the activities we have done. So far we have done Zumba, dance, athletics and golf.

We got to do some Science experiments like testing different materials to see if they were waterproof. Poor Mr. Russell was mopping the floor for hours after! At least we now know that paper is not a good material for a rain-jacket.

Grandparent's Day was fantastic. We got to perform our song 'Somewhere Only We Know' for our families which was a special treat. Some of us are still singing that song in the yard.

Pancake Tuesday was lots of fun although some of us ended up with more chocolate on our face than in our mouths! It's going to be really tricky trying to give up some of those goodies for Lent.

We are going to keep working hard and learning lots and have fun along the way.

January Update Senior Infants

Senior Infants have had a great first term.

We all love doing Aistear! We get to work together in our groups and are making great friends with one another. So far, we have done activities for Hairdressing, Hallowe'en, The Farm and Christmas. We get to build, create, write, paint, draw, discuss, pretend, dress-up and play games together each day. It's a fantastic way of creating fun and active learning.

We have also been working very hard in class. We are all trying to be 'Star Writers' and are doing our checklist every time we write. Also, thank you so much to the pupils of Third and Fourth Class who helped us with our Buddy Reading. It's great to have somebody listen to us read. Our Irish is getting better each day. Is breá linn Céim ar Chéim agus a bheith ag caint as Gaeilge! We enjoy using different materials to help us with our Maths and we are all 'Shape Experts' now. We know all about the 'Story of Six' and the 'Story of Seven'  and are creating number sentences using 'plus' and 'equals'.

Our Christmas play, Whoops-a-Daisy Angel, was very successful.  A lot of practise went in and we got plenty of help in school and at home so that we could put on a great performance. We were delighted to be able to show off our talents to our friends and family.

We really enjoyed our Christmas break but are ready to get back down to work now. We are looking forward to learning and challenging ourselves this new year. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Having fun with Aistear!
Zoe cutting out Halloween pictures
Edward, Liam and Conor proudly show off their work!

Ella, Jamie, Liam and Rob enjoying drama
Abbie having great fun with our Halloween games!
Moya's got the apple in her sights!

Making maths fun!
Our classroom writing wall

Our snowman wall display

Partitioning in maths
Construction with Edward and Donnacha


Senior Infants and First Class


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