Senior Infants & 1st Class


Teacher: Mrs. Gleeson

Senior Infants' December Update

We have been learning so much in Senior Infants this half-term! We had Ms. Downes on teaching practice for three weeks in November and she did lots of lovely lessons with us.

In literacy, we are learning to read our Dolch List words. Dolch List words are the most common 100 words and knowing them means that we become better readers.We have shared lots of lovely stories this term too. One of our favourites was‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Robertson. We acted out the story, pretending to be the different characters and each having the correct item of clothing that the giant gave us. It was lots of fun.

We have a special book to help us with our oral language. We learn new words based on a different topic every few weeks. There is an interactive poster that goes with it on the white board, and there are lots of interactive games. We love playing them and they help us with our words too.

We have paid particular attention to improving our writing skills, with wonderful outcomes! We always remember to sit up straight, use our two hands, and a sharp pencil. It’s important to have a good pencil grip so that our hands don’t tire easily.

We have learned lots about 3-D. Ms. Downes made Callum Cuboid, Conor Cube, Sammy Sphere and Cindy Cylinder come to life as characters! They helped us match and sort real-life 3-D shapes from around the classroom. We have also been learning about 2-D shapes. We played lots of tangram games and made pictures using squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. We enjoy playing dice games to help us with adding. We had a special one for Christmas, where we worked in pairs to add up the numbers from two die, then we had to find the correct present and colour it. It was really enjoyable!

In SESE we have learned about the Emperor Penguin and Antarctica. We made penguins from toilet roll inserts and a winter scene using fake snow. The fake snow was lots of fun to play with. We all loved feeling it expand in our hands when the teacher added water to it!! In Science, we learned about electricity. We worked together in small groups to make a circuit. We knew it had worked when the bulb lit up! There was great excitement during that lesson!

Sa Ghaeilge, we each made a ‘fear sneachta’ using cotton wool and dressed him to keep him warm. We learned songs and poems about ‘Daidí na Nollaig’ and acted out ‘drámaíocthtaí’. We are getting very good at remembering to say ‘Fáilte Romhat’ to any visitor to the classroom. We also say ‘Tá mé reidh’ when we are ready. We love using our Irish every day.

Our biggest highlight this term has to have been getting ready for our Christmas Show ‘Cinderella’ the panto! The song that we learned was ‘Dancing on Sunshine’. Kate Upton taught us all the dance moves and we worked really hard to all do them at them same time. It was lots of fun!

We also went to UL’s University Concert Hall to see a professional panto – ‘Oh yes we did!!!’ We had a great day out and enjoyed the experience hugely!


Senior Infants September Update

Welcome to the Senior Infants’ update! We have been very busy since September! We sit in three large groups, which allows us to work together and share. We have a reading area with a warm mat and comfy cushions, a sand table for messy play and a carpet area for stories. We are working on our words and practise our reading every day. We are also becoming more independent, cleaning up after ourselves and writing down our own homework.

We are doing Aistear in our classroom this year. ‘Aistear’ means ‘journey’ and it is our journey through play-based learning based on different themes. We split into different groups for Aistear time and spend time at different stations during the week. Our stations change every week and include a literacy station,a numeracy station, an art station, a sand table and a plasticine station to name a few!

Our Aistear themes so far have been ‘Myself’,‘The Airport’, and ‘Minibeasts’. We have made caterpillars with pom poms and spiders with plasticine. We have created our own realistic passports and used them in our role play for the airport. In our writing group we have created wonderful stories based on the adventures of different minibeasts. We have also learned about the Wright brothers and made and flown our own paper planes.

Our current theme is‘Autumn’. We are learning about hedgehogs and the changing environment around us. Hedgehogs are mammals – ask us what we know about mammals! We have a wonderful nature table, which the children add to when they find something interesting in the garden or Curraghchase. We are making realistic hedgehogs at the art station.

We are practising welcoming visitors to the classroom ‘as Gaeilge’. We also love to play ‘Deir ÓGrádaigh’ and sing ‘Ceann, gualainn, gluain ‘is cos’ comh tapa agus is féidir linn!

We are learning lots of new games and new ways to move our bodies in PE. Movement helps our learning so we make sure to get lots of movement breaks in between lessons. Go Noodle has some of our favourite dances. We also have a breathing ball to help us focus on our breathing as a way of meditating and feeling calm.

Everyone is Senior Infants has a stamp card and the teacher gives us stamps for lovely writing,homework, kind sharing or nice behaviour. When we get 10 stamps we can choose a prize from the prize box, which is closely guarded by a vicious dog called Coco! Sandy is our class teddy and he visits a different house each night. He has great fun spending time with us and seeing what we like to do outside of school. We each draw a picture and write something that we did together in Sandy’s special book. We really enjoy looking back over the adventures that Sandy has been on with each of us!

‘The Gold Cushion of Great Work’ is a very special cushion that the teacher gives to a child who has done some great work during the day. That child gets to use the cushion the next day as a reward. We always give a big ‘bualadh bos’ to the people who get a reward to show them that we are proud of them.

We are looking forward to great fun in school when we dress up for Halloween, and a well-earned break over the mid-term! We have worked really hard since we started Seniors!

Seniors and First Class June Update

This term has been very busy in Senior Infants and First Class!

In SESE we learned about Nelson Mandela from South Africa.We loved how he stood up for what he believed in and always treated peoplefairly. Mandela spent 27 years in prison. We also learned a song that was written about him called ‘Free Nelson Mandela’.

We learned the story of ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’. We learned it is called 'An Bradán Feasa’ in Irish. The person who ate the salmon would get all the knowledge in the world. A boy called Fionn accidently burned his thumb on the skin of the salmon and put it in his mouth. He became a great leader.

This year we had Food Dudes visit our school. Every day we got a different fruit and vegetable to eat. When we had tasted the new food, we got prizes; pencil cases, water bottles, pedometers and lunchboxes. Here are the fruits and vegetables that we ate: carrots, cucumber, peppers, baby corn,oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, melons, blueberries, pineapple. Since having the Food Dudes in our school most of us eat a wider variety of foods.

In art, we learned about the primary colours. We used those three colours to mix new colours and create a picture. We also made beautiful tropical fish and created an underwater scene.

In drama, we made a television and used to it make broadcasts.We had sport reports, news reports and weather reports. We also made a remote and changed the ‘channel’. It was lots of fun!

We love singing and dancing. We learned lots of dance moves and love putting them to use in the class!

Everyone in our room brings favourite items from home for‘Show and Tell’. It is a great way to share the things that are important to us.

We went on our school tour to ‘The Old Rectory’ in Croom. We had an amazing day! First, we went on an obstacle course through a forest, then we went on a treasure hunt and got lollipops once we had found everything. We made cookies using different cutters and decorated them with smarties. We ate our lunch at picnic tables. We played on the climbing frames and then we met all the animals and their babies. We had a wonderful day!

We have had a great year and are ready for some summer fun!!

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Juniors, Seniors and First Class enjoyed a Teddy Bear's picnic after their year of hard work! Each pupil brought a special teddy of theirs to school. They brought teddies they had since they were babies, teddies given as gifts and teddies sent from relatives far away. Some teddies were new while some had missing eyes, hands and legs! The teddies were treated to a picnic on the school grass area where the pupils had a great time showing them around and playing with them. They also shared some treats as part of the special day. Thanks to Mrs. Glesson, Ms.Balfry, Marian and Linda for helping the picnic run so smoothly!


Senior Infants & 1st Class