Green Schools

Welcome to our Green Flag page! We are delighted to be associated with Green Schools Ireland and are proud to announce that after 20 years working with An Taisce and Green Schools, we are now working on our tenth green flag: Global Citizenship, Food and Biodiversity. This takes place over two years and has been coordinated by Ms.Balfry and Ms.Mullane.  

A Global Citizen Is Someone Who
is aware of the wider world and has a sense of their own role as a world citizen
respects and values diversity
has an understanding of how the world works
is outraged by social injustice
participates in the community at a range of levels, from the local to the global
is willing to act to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place
takes responsibility for their actions
Our Committee

Energy Workshops September 2016

We welcomed Seán Hartigan from An Taisce to the school on Monday and Tuesday the 19th and 20th September. Seán visited all classes and undertook workshops based on energy and the importance of not wasting it. The younger classes were treated to the arrival of 'Guzzler', the energy wasting puppet. All classes took part in drama activities based on conserving energy and the energy chains involved in producing items such as the cereals we eat for our breakfast. The days were thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils and we thank Seán for facilitating this.

Guzzler the energy wasting puppet!
Junior Infants really enjoyed retelling the story of wheat!
Senior Infants enjoying the workshop
Edward from Senior Infants having a giggle at the show!
3rd and 4th Class learn about energy efficiency
Seniors have a super time with the clothes challenge!
Seán and Guzzler chatting with the class

2015/16 Green Schools Activities
Tree Day

We celebrated Tree day on the 8th October and the Green Flag Committee planted a Hazel Tree on the school grounds with the help and advice of Maggie.

Jersey Day

We took part in GOALs Jersey Day on Friday the 9th October where we raised money for the fantastic work GOAL does all over the world.

GOAL Speakers

We also had a guest speaker from GOAL visit the school on Tuesday 13th October. Tara spoke to classes from 2nd to 6th and taught the children all about the work that GOAL does and being global citizens.

Green Code
The competition winner of our green code was Matthew Byrnes in 6th Class. Well done to Matthew for creating a very effective slogan! 'The Earth is a lovely place, Help us save the human race!'

The Green Flag Committee have been hard at work researching into our energy consumption in Kilcornan and figuring out possible solutions. They have conducted appliance surveys, standby surveys, global awareness surveys and monitored the electricity and oil bills. We have also reduced our energy usage in class using our Energy Monitors! We had a great 'Junk Art' Day in school and a spring cleaning day and look forward to lots more projects and initiatives before the end of this year!

Green Flag Committee

Mark O’Rourke, Aoife Kelly, John Fitzgerald, Jennifer Kelly, Micheál Finnerty, Ellie Walsh, Finn O’Gorman, Lauren Maune, Daniel McDonagh, Jamie Behan, Leah McCarthy, Tracy Lynch and Dean Hanly, Maggie Hanley (parent), Mrs. Gleeson and Ms. Balfry (teachers).