3rd & 4th Class


Teacher: Ms. Mc Mahon

Third & Fourth Class End of Year Update!

We were so lucky to remain in school for our final term of the 2020/2021 academic year…and what a term it has been! We worked so hard and completed lessons on many different topics in each of our subject areas. Mrs. Meade always says ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’, and so our hard work was rewarded with lots of fun activities and treats too.

In Literacy, we spent a lot of time focusing on phonics, spellings and vocabulary and we completed the PAT Vowel Sounds programme. We also worked on our reading and comprehension skills with our Graded Readers and Conversation Stations. We really enjoyed our class novel ‘Bill’s New Frock’ and engaged in lots of literacy, drama and art lessons based on it. In particular, our debate on School Uniforms got very heated and we went so far as to write Persuasive letters to our Principal Mrs. Wixted to request changes to our school uniform. We were so lucky not to have to wear our school uniform for the last two weeks of school. Over the course of the year, we put in a lot of effort with our joint-handwriting and presentation of our written work. We even got Mrs. Meade’s special ‘Pen Licenses’ to use for the remainder of term.

In SESE, we learned all out ‘Weather and Climate’ and linked this study to ‘Earth Day 2021’. Mrs. Meade registered us for a livestream event provided by The Natural History Museum of Ireland and The Rediscovery Centre, where we got to learn about Ice Age Ireland and observe real fossils such as teeth and tusks of Woolly Mammoths, Giant Irish Deer antlers and even the jawbone/teeth and poop of a spotted hyena. It was very cool!  We discussed in depth, Climate Change and the Climate Crisis and we researched activists like Greta Thunberg and the amazing work that she does. In class, we brainstormed ways that we can help to slow down climate change and made pledges to do our part to help save our planet Earth.

On rainy days, we were kept entertained with the fabulous new board games which were gifted to us by the Parents’ Council. We were very grateful to receive them. For Golden Time, which we sometimes enjoy on Friday afternoons, we engaged in card games such as Old Maid. We had lots of fun playing these in our pods.  As the weather improved, we took our lessons and activities outdoors as much as possible. We completed Literacy lessons in the sunshine, had lunch ‘al fresco’ and worked up a sweat in the heat during PE lessons and our end of year Sports Day.

We were delighted to welcome Ms. Olive Wixted to our classroom for Teaching Practice in May and we thoroughly enjoyed all the fun and interesting lessons she completed with us. We were also very lucky to have Ms. McMorrow teach us for the last few weeks of school and we would like to thank her for all her hard work and for the great mix of lessons and activities she completed with us, such as our end of year projects on a country of our choice. We worked very hard researching and gathering our information, putting together our projects and information and then presenting our projects to the class. Checkout our pictures below!

A special word of thanks to our class SNA, Linda, who does so much for us in class and behind the scenes. She is always there to help us and spoils us with treats.  We were lucky to have her as part of our class this year!

To reward our hard work and good behaviour all year, Mrs. Meade popped back for a visit on the last week of school and surprised us with a ‘Breakfast Buffet’. We got to enjoy chocolate croissants, pancakes, rice krispie squares and apple and orange juice. The staff also arranged for an ice-cream van to visit the school and we enjoyed an afternoon being mesmerised by a magician. Make sure to have a look through the pictures of some of the work and activities we were involved in this term.

Happy Summer everyone! Enjoy the holidays 😊

3rd & 4th Class Easter Update

New Year! New Term! New way of teaching and learning!

2021 started off very differently to previous years and we found ourselves back to remote teaching and learning. Luckily, we had Seesaw set up this time, and it was great to have daily interactions with pupils and teacher. The children worked so hard and tried their very best despite the tricky circumstances. We enjoyed sharing our thoughts and experiences of lockdown and remote learning when we eventually got back to the classroom.

Thankfully, we got back to our lovely classroom on Monday 15th March. To say excitement levels were at a high would be an understatement. Everyone was so thrilled to see their friends again and we spend a lot of time chatting, reconnecting and having fun together as a class. We enjoyed some card games, ‘Sausages’ – our new funny oral language game, board games and lots of extra PE and outdoor activities when the weather cooperated.

We spent a good bit of time doing revision in Maths andGaeilge. We had fun playing Biongó to revise our numbers 1-100 as Gaeilge and we participated in a class ‘Tráth na gCeist’ as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge.We even held a mini Céilí in the classroom and danced the ‘Walls of Limerick’. We had to make a few changes to the dance because of Covid guidelines.

As well as revising, we started new topics such as our theme of Daffodils. We learned about the Life Cycle of the daffodil, discussing and observing the process in detail. We studied the various parts of the daffodil and the daffodil bulb. We also learned other interesting facts and went of a daffodil hunt around the school. We learned a lot of new vocabulary throughout our lessons and we even linked the theme to work in other areas. We read, discussed and learned Verse 1 of the well-known poem ‘I wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ by William Wordsworth. We then used our skills of observation to sketch daffodils and coloured them using oil pastels, blending and layering our colours to create texture and give a 3-D illusion.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, World Book Day and Easter in the last couple of weeks. We had several more birthdays to celebrate too. We have all worked so hard over the last few weeks, both and home and in school,and we are ready for our Easter holidays now. We had a lovely party to celebrate!

See you next term,

3rd and 4th class 😀

3rd & 4th Class December Update

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Hello again from 3rd and 4th class!

We are so excited that the Christmas holidays are nearly upon us.

We would like to say a big congratulations to Tom and Holly in 4th class who were winners in this years’ Credit Union Art Competition. It was wonderful news to receive when we returned after the mid-term. Well done guys! Keep honing those artistic skills!

Here in 3rd and 4th,we have been working extremely hard over the last couple of months and we are ready for a well-deserved break. We have been so good in class recently that Mrs. Meade said she would have to make a special call to Santa Claus to update him on our excellent behaviour and hard work in school.

This term in literacy, we engaged in a series of Barrier Games to help extend our Oral Language skills. They were lots of fun and we worked incredibly well in our pods. We also focused on the comprehension strategy of ‘Visualisation’ and thoroughly enjoyed developing our skills by engaging with a story called ‘The Popcorn Book’. It was very relatable and the visualisations we created were brilliant. In fact, they were so good that Mrs. Meade rewarded us with a surprise Popcorn Party!  We have been continuing to make a great effort with our joint-handwriting and Mrs. Meade is keeping a close eye on us to see who might be awarded a pen license in the New Year. We learned a lovely festive poem recently called ‘Christmas Tide’. The poem is four verses long and we can recite it off by heart, complete with actions that we made up to accompany the words. It’s pretty impressive! We also enjoyed reading and learning about Wilson Bentley, otherwise known as ‘The Snowflake Man’. His story inspired us to create glitter snowflakes in art and Mrs. Meade hung loads of snowflakes from the ceiling in our classroom.


In Numeracy, we focused mostly on the Shape & Space Strand this term. We completed plenty of learning and activities on 2D Shapes, Tessellating, Tangrams, Symmetry and Lines &Angles. We are also continuing to improve our Multiplication Tables. We have been learning them as part of homework as well as practising them daily in class. We love playing ‘Hit the Button’, Buzz, King/Queen of the Tables and Multiplication Wheels. The competition gets heated at times. Mrs. Meade is worried that we are getting so good we might start to beat her in the games soon.


In Gaeilge, we are constantly extending our vocabulary with the use of flashcards, pictures, stories, poems and our fantastic new interactive resources on Bua na Cainte. We have paid particular attention recently to learning and extending our Briathra. We have worked hard to compile our Clár Briathra and there has been huge improvement in our ability to speak and write as Gaeilge.


We spent a large portion of our time recently studying ‘The Vikings’ in History. We conducted an in-depth study in class and covered many areas of the lives of the Vikings. We linked our learning to our English, drama and artwork. We constructed fabulous 3D Viking Longships in art and drew amazing sketches of a typical Viking Warrior. Most notably, we completed projects on the theme of The Vikings and presented our projects to the class. Mrs. Meade allowed us to work individually, in pairs or in groups within our pods. We put in a lot of work and effort and our teacher was very impressed. Check out our photos below!


For Science Week 2020, we had fun conducting some experiments in class. We tried our hand at simulating an Erupting Volcano. It worked ok but Caoimhe tried her own version at home and it was much better. Caoimhe was good enough to bring in photos and a video of her experiment and we loved watching the results in class. Thank you Caoimhe! In class, we also replicated a ‘Hurricane in a Bowl’ and tried our hand at making home-made Harmonicas using lollipop sticks, elastic bands and plastic straws. Mrs. Meade went homewith a headache that day! 😊


In SPHE, we completed our StaySafe Programme, where we developed our knowledge and skills around friendships,bullying, online safety, good and bad secrets and dealing with strangers. The booklets were sent home for discussions at home with our parents. We also celebrated Kindness Week/Day, with everyone making extra efforts to use ‘Kind Hands, Kind Feet, Kind Words’. We enjoyed completing our ‘5 Days of Kindness’ Task and it was great to see the impact the activity had on the relationships within our classroom. We also saw the effects during PE when we were learning how to play Rounders. The teams were very supportive and encouraging and we had lots of nice things to say to each other, despite the competitive element.

Of course, for our Religious studies lately, we have been reminding ourselves about Advent and the Story of Christmas. We learned about the tradition of the Advent Calendar and how it began. We also discussed the Advent Wreath, learning what each of the four weeks of Advent represent. With 2020 being a very tough year for many, it was lovely for us to remind ourselves of the real meaning of Christmas. This year more than ever, we appreciate the importance of having loving families and friends in our lives.


We would like to give a special word of thanks to our wonderful SNA Linda who is in our classroom every morning. She is super helpful and so kind to us and we are very lucky to have her. Also, we are delighted to welcome Ms. Divine every Wednesday for team-teaching and we would like to thank her for all the work that she does supporting us with our learning in numeracy and literacy this term.

From all the boys and girls in 3rd and 4th class, we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas.

Nollaig Shona Daoibh!

Bring on 2021! 😊

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3rd & 4th Class Mid Term Update

Welcome back to the 2020-21 school year! Back to school this year was a year like no other and one we will never forget. Extensive planning and preparation took place to ensure a safe school reopening in these unprecedented times and it is great to have our classrooms filled with smiling faces,chatter and laughter again 😊

The boys and girls in 3rd and 4th class settled back quickly into the school routine and have adjusted very well to the new rules and safety protocol in place around the school and in our classroom. They understand the importance of adhering to these rules to ensure that our schoo lstays open and Covid-free. The pupils are delighted to see their friends again and to have face-to-face interaction with their teacher. We were also delighted to welcome our new friend, Kasper, to our class and we have enjoyed hearing his stories about Latvia and Sweden.

I am amazed at how hard-working the pupils in 3rd and 4th class are. They show enthusiasm and motivation for all their lessons and lots of revision and new learning has taken place this term. The children have worked hard at their joint handwriting, reading and spellings. We have had some great fun with spellings games such as Sparke and Boggle and the pupils have been doing a great job so far with their Spellings homework. We are revising and learning our Times Tables and we have had heated competitions with our Tables games like ‘Hit the Button’ and ‘King/Queen of the Tables’. We grew Cress seeds as part of Science, focused on our drawing skills with a range of cool art lessons and have had each other in stitches with improvisational drama activities and funky poetry writing lessons.

The boys and girls in 3rd/4th were rewarded for all their hard work this term with a Halloween party on the last day of term. We dressed up, played some fun spooky games, enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows and ended with a party and DVD afternoon. Check out some of our photos below!


3rd & 4th Class