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2nd & 3rd Class


Teacher: Ms. Moloney

Second and Third Class December Update

Welcome back to Second and Third Class. We have had a very busy few weeks and are all very excited for Christmas.

We are still working on graded readers as well as improving our writing skills with the First Steps writing programme. We are practising ‘persuasive writing’ this term.

David O Dea came to our school for football training last month.  We had great fun practising our football skills and learning many new skills as well.

Second and third class love Science and are learning about electricity this month. We investigated how to make a simple electrical circuit, an electrical circuit with a switch and of course how to be safe with electricity. We hope to make Christmas decorations using what we’ve learned later this month.  We really enjoyed Science week in November. We investigated air and water with many fun experiments.

In Geography, we learned about the Earth’s tectonic plates, how earthquakes occur and how mountains are formed. We enjoyed studying the Celts in History. We found out about the food they ate, houses they lived in, clothes and jewellery they wore and lots more.

We are still learning the tin whistle with Ms. Wixted. We are working hard and Ms. Wixted is very impressed with how much we have improved so far.

The preparation for our whole school Christmas show of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is well underway. We have spent lots of time practising singing and dancing. It will be a great show and we can’t wait for everyone to see it. Check back in with us soon!

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from Second and Third Class!

Ms. Moloney's 2nd and 3rd Class

Welcome to Second and Third Class! We are all delighted to be back together again. We have had a very busy first term. We have worked hard and are looking forward to recharging over the midterm break.

Second class have a very special year ahead as they prepare for First Confession and First Holy Communion.  Third class are excited to help with the preparation and share their experience from last year.

We have started Graded Reading and the children enjoy reading and chatting about their books at home every night. We have also been practising ‘prediction’ and ‘visualisation’ strategies as part of the Building Bridges programme as well as working hard on recount writing this term.

In Science, second and third class have been learning about trees, identifying leaves and investigating how plants drink.  We also learned about the Amazon Rainforest and the interesting people and animals living there. We created Autumn trees using Kandinsky circles to create the leaves. In Geography, we examined the map of Ireland and did our best to learn the provinces and all 32 counties of Ireland. We also researched our personal timelines and our Family Trees.

Maths week took place last week. We had fun working onlots of challenges and activities. Practice for the Christmas show has already commenced. We love learning new songs and dance moves with Kate Upton each week. We can’t wait for everyone to see our whole school production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. We have also started learning to play the tin whistle. It’s great fun!

Check back in with us soon!

School Tour May 2018

The Glen Resource Centre in Co. Cork hosted pupils from Junior Infants to Sixth Class for our school tour this year. With different activities catering for the various classes, pupils enjoyed a wide variety of games from snowtubing and zip wire to trampolining and zorbing. We were extremely fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day and the feedback from pupils was very high! As usual, the professionalism and efficient manner in which The Glen is run ensured a fantastic day for all!

First and Second Class

First and Second class had a great first term and are happy to be back to school again. We are still working hard on Literacy and Numeracy stations with Mrs. Wixted and Ms. Quinn and love relaxing while we read in the school library every week.

We really enjoyed learning how to play golf over the last 6 weeks and picked up lots of new skills.

In Science, we investigated the conditions plants need to grow when we grew ‘yoghurt heads’ using cress seeds. We also completed taste tests on many different foods, examined seeds in fruit and vegetables and sampled fruit we had never eaten before. They were delicious!!

For Art we made lighthouses out of recyclable materials and as part of Green Schools we are working on projects on Marine Life. We are researching many sea creatures, how they are affected by marine litter and what we can do to help. We can’t wait to show our finished projects to the school. This week the whole school helped the environment by taking part in a big clean up of the school grounds. We collected lots of litter and had a lot of fun too.

Check back in with us again soon!!

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