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3rd & 4th Class


Teacher: Ms. Mann

Third and Fourth Class

Third and Fourth class have been learning all about weather and different climate types around the world. We also learned about hurricanes and how they are formed. We had great fun creating our own 'hurricane in a bowl' and understanding how the bands of rain and wind are formed around a spinning centre. Our experiment allowed us to see how the bands lose their shape as the spinning slows down and loses energy.

As part of our School Self Evaluation focus on Oral Language, we played barrier games in class. Barrier games are a great language tool—they provide opportunities to develop receptive (understanding) and expressive (speaking) communication skills. In a barrier game, two players sit across from each other with a barrier between them. Pupil A has information Pupil B needs and has to convey that information to Pupil B in as effective a way as possible. Some of the drawings produced were extremely accurate!

3rd and 4th Class December Update

It has been a great first term here in 3rd and 4th class. We have been so busy learning and having lots of fun that the time has flown by. We are now in the thick of preparing for our Christmas production of‘The Wizard of Oz’. We have really enjoyed our sessions with Kate over the last few months and we have been practising all our dances and songs in class everyday. We can’t wait to perform on stage on the 18th December!

We had great fun learning about electricity in Science recently and we experimented in groups to make simple electrical circuits of our own. We then added a switch to our circuits. Afterwards, we made angels in Art and linked our new learning on circuits to the artwork by making the angels’ halos light up. It was super fun!

All the boys and girls have been enjoying their Graded Readers over the last few weeks. We are developing a love for reading and make weekly trips to our fantastic school library ‘The Book Shed’.  We have also been working on our conversational and communication skills in Literacy and we have had some real laughs using role-play to act out various scenarios such as making hotel and restaurant reservations and ordering food at a restaurant. Check out the photos of some of our recent work and activities in school.


Ms. Mann's 3rd and 4th Class

Time flies when you’re having fun and we can’t believe the mid-term is upon us already! All the boys and girls in 3rd and 4th class are settling back into the school routine and working hard. A big welcome to Liam, Willie and Samuel who joined our class this term.  The three boys have made lots of new friends already and we are delighted to have them in our class! What a busy few weeks back it has been. The pupils completed a series of Listening Tasks at the beginning of the school year to develop their listening skills and help them follow directions and instructions promptly in class. We have commenced our Graded Readers, enjoying time daily to get engrossed in our books and promote a love for reading. We spent lots of time learning the Counties of Ireland in Geography and had great fun making up rhymes and mnemonics to help us remember the counties in each Province. The pupils participated in a Scavenger Hunt around the school as part of their learning on trees and plants and everyone worked really well with their group to solve all the tasks. The pupils are taking pride in their work and making careful selections for their SALF (Self-Assessment Learning Folders). We thoroughly enjoyed participating in Maths Week activities and also are continuing with some work in relation to Mental Health Week. We are in the process of reading a book called ‘Headbomz’ which deals with problems and worries children face in their everyday lives. The book is funny and engaging but most importantly promotes the fact that ‘Talking Makes Us Stronger’.  We are so excited to have started rehearsals for our Christmas Show ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and cannot wait to perform on the night.

School Tour May 2018

The Glen Resource Centre in Co. Cork hosted pupils from Junior Infants to Sixth Class for our school tour this year. With different activities catering for the various classes, pupils enjoyed a wide variety of games from snowtubing and zip wire to trampolining and zorbing. We were extremely fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day and the feedback from pupils was very high! As usual, the professionalism and efficient manner in which The Glen is run ensured a fantastic day for all!


3rd & 4th Class