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3rd & 4th Class


Teacher: Ms. Mann

3rd and 4th Class Update

The pupils in 3rd and 4th class have been busy bees since coming back after the Christmas break.  We kicked off the New Year by discussing and writing New Year Resolutions (see photos of our work).  We commenced Buddy Reading with the boys and girls in Senior Infants this term and everyone is really enjoying it. The older pupils are such good role models and doing a fantastic job promoting good reading skills and a love of reading (photos below). We are continuing to enjoy our weekly station teaching for Literacy and Numeracy.  Our ‘Fractions Scoot’ activities have been a particular hit with the class. Also this term, we have been working towards receiving our 8th Green Flag for the Marine Environment. Pupils in 3rd and 4th worked in groups to complete projects on specific areas, such as Marine Litter and Microbeads. Well done to the boys are girls for their hard work. The projects will really impress the Green Schools Inspector when she visits. Finally, we are near completion of our Stay Safe Programme for this year. The pupils have learned very important personal safety skills over the last few weeks which will stand to them as they continue to grow and develop into fine young adults.

New Year's Resolutions!

3rd and 4th Class

Third and Fourth Class have been busy at work again, producing some excellent projects during their lunch hours. What a productive use of their time! Well done to everyone!

Some hardworking pupils in 3rd and 4th class completed fantastic projects during free time and lunch time on rainy days. ‍
John Fitzgerald presenting his wonderful project on President Michael D. Higgins to 3rd and 4th class. ‍

Bread and Butter Tasting

3rd and 4th made our own butter in class recently and had a bread and butter tasting to fit in with our topic of The Famine in History and 'Changing Materials' in Science. We learned about the devastation that was caused when the potato crop failed and how the Irish peasants had little food to survive on. 

3rd and 4th Class Projects

Third and Fourth Class treated their peers to a showcase on Friday 29th September. Having studied birds, their lifestyles and their eating habits during S.E.S.E lessons, they set about designing and creating their own bird feeders. Pupils worked extremely hard on the steps involved, from design to final product and displayed the bird feeders for the whole school to come and see. They were able to expertly explain the process of their design to all the curious visitors and should be very proud of what they produced. Well done 3rd and 4th!


3rd & 4th Class