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Fourth Class


Teacher: Ms. Mann

Second, Third and Fourth Class Tour

Second, Third and Fourth Class had a great trip to Crag Cave and Tralee this month! Ms. Mann, Ms. Moloney, Mrs. Quinn, Sharon and Catherine all accompanied the pupils to Crag Cave where they got to experience the million year old tourist attraction. They also made full use of the Crazy Cave Activity area before being treated to Mc Donalds in Tralee on their way home. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed their trip and thanks to everyone for making the day so memorable!

3rd and 4th Class June Update

Well, we’re in the final few weeks of 3rd and 4th class and we can’t quite believe it. The last term has gone so quickly and we’re on countdown to summer holidays now. After the Easter break, we had the pleasure of having Ms. O’ Connor in teaching us for 3 weeks. Great learning took place and lots of fun was had. The children made their own Rosary Beads,took on challenges such as being Shadow Detectives and Tailors and they were very impressed with Ms. O’ Connor’s musical talents and the range of instruments she brought in to show us. The class was even treated to a special performance with Samuel Irish Dancing and Ms. O’ Connor accompanying him on the flute. What a show!!!

The boys and girls in 3rd and 4th class have worked so hard all year and all standardised and summer testing is now complete. The children are currently engrossed in our Novel Study ‘Bill’s New Frock’ and we are having some heated debates and discussions in class around the issues addressed in the book.

We are nearing the end of our swimming lessons in Askeaton and it is safe to say these are thoroughly enjoyed by all the kids. There is noticeable improvement in everyone’s swimming abilities and this is such an important life-skill. Back in the classroom Ms. Mann is covering aspects of Water Safety and Life-Saving skills prior to our summer holidays.  

Earlier this year the school signed up to the Food Dudes Healthy Eating programme and the children in 3rd and 4th really took on the challenge to up their daily intake of fruit and veg. This is evident from our Food Dudes Chart which was filled in daily at lunch time. Well done to all the boys and girls for making such healthy food choices and for trying new fruit and vegetables in school and at home.

Excitement levels are growing in anticipation for our school tour to Crag Cave, Crazy Cave and Mc Donald’s on Tuesday 18th June.It is going to be a great day out! Check back for photos to see us completing the Crag Cave Quiz, conquering the climbing wall and taking a spin on the rodeo bull…Yeehaw!

We also have our annual Kelly and O’ Donoghue Cup tournaments to look forward to. The pupils in 4th, 5th and 6th class will make up the teams and the rest of the school will be there to cheer them on.  Best of Luck everyone!

Have a great summer!!!

Third and Fourth Class

Third and Fourth class have been learning all about weather and different climate types around the world. We also learned about hurricanes and how they are formed. We had great fun creating our own 'hurricane in a bowl' and understanding how the bands of rain and wind are formed around a spinning centre. Our experiment allowed us to see how the bands lose their shape as the spinning slows down and loses energy.

As part of our School Self Evaluation focus on Oral Language, we played barrier games in class. Barrier games are a great language tool—they provide opportunities to develop receptive (understanding) and expressive (speaking) communication skills. In a barrier game, two players sit across from each other with a barrier between them. Pupil A has information Pupil B needs and has to convey that information to Pupil B in as effective a way as possible. Some of the drawings produced were extremely accurate!

3rd and 4th Class December Update

It has been a great first term here in 3rd and 4th class. We have been so busy learning and having lots of fun that the time has flown by. We are now in the thick of preparing for our Christmas production of‘The Wizard of Oz’. We have really enjoyed our sessions with Kate over the last few months and we have been practising all our dances and songs in class everyday. We can’t wait to perform on stage on the 18th December!

We had great fun learning about electricity in Science recently and we experimented in groups to make simple electrical circuits of our own. We then added a switch to our circuits. Afterwards, we made angels in Art and linked our new learning on circuits to the artwork by making the angels’ halos light up. It was super fun!

All the boys and girls have been enjoying their Graded Readers over the last few weeks. We are developing a love for reading and make weekly trips to our fantastic school library ‘The Book Shed’.  We have also been working on our conversational and communication skills in Literacy and we have had some real laughs using role-play to act out various scenarios such as making hotel and restaurant reservations and ordering food at a restaurant. Check out the photos of some of our recent work and activities in school.



Fourth Class