Second Class


Ms. Moloney

Second Class Easter Update

Welcome back to 2nd class. What a busy term we have had!

It has been a very exciting time for 2nd class as we celebrated the Sacrament of First Confession on 10 February. We worked very hard on the leadup to our Confession learning our songs, prayers and creating beautiful artwork. We can’t wait to celebrate our First Holy Communion on the 14May. It will be a very special day.

We are loving literacy stations which began this term with the help of Ms. Quinn and Sharon. We have been working on reading, oral language, phonics, cursive handwriting and narrative writing. We loved creating our own stories and also included lots of different adjectives to add interest to our stories.

2nd class love to read and really enjoyed World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters, took part in a book title emoji quiz and created our own book readers which were very cute. We love to relax and listen to stories on Vooks and have also enjoyed the BFG and Fantastic Mr. Fox on audio book this term.

Seachtain na Gaeilge was lots of fun. We tried our best to use Gaeilge both in class and on the yard and were awarded with ‘Gaeilgeoir an Lae’ certificates and a special badge for our super efforts. We enjoyed playing Biongó, learning tongue twisters and sang Coldplay’s ‘Sky Full of Stars’ as Gaeilge. We learned all about the fascinating life of St. Patrick and danced the Siege of Ennis.

2nd class are taking part in the Picker Pals programme this term. We were very excited when the Picker Pals pack arrived at school containing pickers, gloves, Hi Vis jackets and litter bags as well as a reader and Funbook. In turn, we take home the Picker Pack and go on litter picking adventures with our families in our local area. We love sharing photos and telling the class about our adventures. So far, we have collected 29 bags of rubbish. Wow!

In SESE, we learned all about foraging. We watching some very helpful videos on what edible plants can be found in the wild in Ireland and their uses. We put on our wellies and set out around the school in search of plants. We found wild garlic, nettles and dandelions. We completed projects based on our findings. We learned all about the life cycle of the dandelion and wrote about it to practise explanatory writing.

We also had great fun during Engineer’s Week this term. We used marshmallows and spaghetti to build towers. We planned our designs and then got to work building. We also challenged ourselves to build boats, that could float, from plasticine and tinfoil. Once the boats were floating, we added cubes or ‘passengers’ as an extra test.

In Geography, we studied the map of Ireland and identified some major landmarks in each county. We then examined our Solar System, learned the names of the planets and facts about each. We will put the finishing touches to our 3D Solar System models after Easter.

2nd class are very artistic. We have created some lovely artwork this term. Beautiful dream catchers, lanterns to celebrate the Chinese New Year, St Brigid’s Day crosses, St. Patricks’ Day rainbow twirlers and very cute Easter chicks.

Check back in with us soon.

Happy Easter to you all from Rang a Dó! 😊🐣

Second Class Christmas Update

Nollaig Shona Daoibh!

A very special visitor came to the classroom this month. Snowy the elf stays with us every day and goes back to Santa every night with stories from the day. We love finding her new hiding place every morning. Santa Claus himself came to visit on Monday. We were so excited to see him and he even gave us presents.

Last month, we took part in Science week. We love Science and had great fun trying out different experiments every day. We made lava lamps, investigated optical illusions and made thaumatropes. We created a rainstorm in a jar and had our own Science Show. Everyone got the chance to demonstrate their own experiment. It was an amazing show!

In Geography, we talked about what we do at home at Christmas and discussed Christmas traditions around the world. We learned that many Australians have Christmas dinner on the beach. We thought that sounded fun.

In Literacy, we have been learning the poem Once There Was A Snowman. We also learned how to write Limericks and composed some great ones of our own. We have been exploring Persuasive writing. We have some very convincing arguments for why Santa should give us presents this year. 2nd class love DEAR time. We are great readers and are so proud of how much our reading has improved.

We have been working hard on Gaeilge again this term. We love singing songs as Gaeilge. Our favourites are ‘Seamaisín’ and ‘Mac Uí Ghogaí’. We explored the themes of ‘Bia’ and ‘An Nollaig’. We learned lots of new vocabulary and are working very hard on verbs. We are super at putting our verbs into sentences.

2nd class have created fabulous art work this term. Inspired by badgers and foxes which we learned about in SESE, 2nd class made amazing woodland prints with markers, water and tin foil. The colours are just beautiful! We also made super snowmen, really cool reindeer ornaments from clothes pegs and lovely angels using paper folding.

We had the pleasure of streaming the puppet show ‘How To Catch A Star’ presented by the Lime Tree Theatre. It told the story of a boy who dreamed of having a star as a friend. We really enjoyed the show!

What a great first term we have had! We would like to say a special thank you to Sharon, Catherine and Ms. Quinn for all the help they give us each day.

Happy Christmas and A Happy New Year from Second Class!! 🎅🎄

Second Class Mid Term Update

Welcome to 2nd class!

We have all settled back into school and have had a very busy first term.  

In Literacy, we enjoyed listening to the story of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl. We used the comprehension strategies of prediction, visualisation and making connections throughout the book. We learned all about the interesting life of Roald Dahl. We listened to the sound track from the 2005 film and responded to the music by drawing the images created in our minds as we listened. We really enjoyed chatting about the delicious chocolate bars we would invent in Willie Wonka’s factory and designed our own sweet wrappers.

2nd class also worked on the oral language theme of ‘Pets’ earlier this term. We loved learning and putting actions to the poem ‘My Marmalade Cat’ from the Rainbow Oral Language programme. We wrote about our pets and drew very life like pictures. They made a beautiful display. In SPHE, we talked about the needs of our pets and how to care for them.

We have been working hard on Maths this term. We are very good at remembering our addition tables and love playing card games to help us practise. We also took part in Maths week. We completed Maths challenges and solved puzzles in class. We went on an outdoor Maths trail and enjoyed some fun games.

In Geography, we learned the names of the continents of the world and located them on the world map. We made cool 3-D spinning globes. We also explored our county of Limerick. We examined the county crest and learned the names of some rivers, lakes and important landmarks in our lovely county.

In Science, we talked about common Irish trees and how to identify their leaves and seeds. We filled our nature table with leaves,conkers and acorns that we found in our gardens at home and made some fabulous leaf rubbings. We learned about the migration and hibernation habits of some insects,birds and animals in autumn when preparing for winter. We sponge painted to create fantastic hibernation art work. Take a look at the photos below!

We are looking forward to a well-deserved rest over the midterm break.

Oíche Shamhna shona daoibh! 🎃

First & Second Class End of Year Update!

We have come to the end of our last term and what a busy term it has been!

We were very lucky to have Ms. Upton on teaching practice for 2 weeks. She did lots of great lessons with us. We loved hearing the story ‘After the Fall’ by Dan Santat. It taught us to always be brave and face our fears.

Inspired by the musical piece ‘March of the Kitchen Utensils’, we designed wooden spoons. We gave our spoons a name, a personality and created a mini drama in our pods. We had lots of fun!

In Literacy this term, we learned about narrative writing. We wrote our own storybooks and remembered that a good story always includes characters, a setting, a problem and a solution. We really enjoyed designing our covers, illustrating our books and of course sharing our stories with the class.

In Geography, we explored the Solar System. We know the names of all the planets and lots of facts about them too. We really enjoyed working on our group projects and presenting them to the class. We also learned about Australia; its climate, animals, famous landmarks and the Aboriginal people. We all agreed we would love to visit Australia someday.

In History, we interviewed our grandparents. It was so interesting to find out about their favourite toys, food, songs and school life when they were young and compare with our lives now. We also enjoyed listening to the legend of Fionn and the Giant’s Causeway. We located the Giant’s Causeway on the map of Ireland and spoke about how it was formed.

We went on lots of outdoor explorations for Science this term as we learned about Irish wildflowers and birds. We were surprised at all the different flowers and species of birds we found on and around the school grounds. We created 3D wildflowers using paper plates. They made a beautiful display in our classroom. We investigated how sound travels and had fun chatting on our string telephones. We also found out about the leather back sea turtle and did our best to mould a sea turtle from clay. They turned out great!

2nd class will celebrate the sacrament of First Holy Communion on the 28th August and preparation is well underway. We are practising our prayers and have created some beautifu lartwork. We can’t wait for our special day!

Our last few weeks of school have been so much fun. We loved taking part in egg and spoon, sack and wheelbarrow races on Sports Day. We were all shocked and amazed when the fantastic magician Peter Blackthorn came to our school. An ice cream van visited on Friday and we all enjoyed a delicious ice cream treat. We also had an ice-cream party on Monday to celebrate the end of a great school year.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs. Wixted, Sharon and Marian for all the help they have given us this year.

Have a lovely summer!

See you all in September! 😊


Second Class