Second Class


Mr. Kavanagh

2nd Class Easter Update

The term has been a dynamic blend of academic achievement,cultural exploration, and personal growth. Throughout the term, our students engaged in a diverse range of activities that not only expanded their knowledge but also enriched their understanding of the world around them. Let's delve into some of the highlights from this eventful period of learning.

First Confession: The term began with a significant milestone for our students as they experienced their first confession. This spiritual journey provided them with a profound opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. Through guidance and support, they navigated this sacramental experience with courage and introspection, laying the foundation for their spiritual development.

Mathematical Exploration: Weight and Measurement in mathematics, our second class embarked on a practical exploration of weight and measurement. Through hands-on activities and real-world examples, they gained a solid understanding of these fundamental mathematical concepts. From weighing objects to measuring distances, students applied their newfound knowledge in meaningful contexts, developing essential problem-solving skills along the way.

Cultural Celebration: Our students learned and led the haka in Irish for the entire school during Seachtain Gaeilge. This vibrant celebration of the Irish language and heritage showcased their enthusiasm and dedication to cultural learning. Through rehearsals and performances, students not only honed their linguistic skills but also fostereda sense of pride in their cultural identity. They had a great time doing thisand we will have to get them in Thomond Park soon! They also had great success in participating in Shoe the Donkey with 3rd class.

Irish Language and Culture: Clothing in Irish language lessons, students delved into clothing vocabulary, expanding their linguistic repertoire while exploring cultural customs and traditions. Chomh maith leis sin, rinne na daltaí léitheoireacht ar scéalta agus dánta faoichúrsaí earrach. Leis an léitheoireacht seo, fuair siad deis an teanga a chleachtadh sna comh théacsanna éagsúla agus a gcuid foclóir a neartú.

Trí na gníomhaíochtaí teanga seo, d'fhoghlaim na daltaí foclóirnua agus úsáideach a bhaineann leis an earraigh, agus chuaigh siad chun cinn i dtreo líofachta agus muinín sa Ghaeilge. Tá sé tábhachtach go mbeadh na daltaí ag úsáid a gcuid foclóir nua go rialta agus ag tabhairt faoi ghníomhaíochtaíteanga eile chun a gcuid cumarsáide a fheabhsú sa todhchaí.

 Exploring the Solar System: Additionally, they embarked on an awe-inspiring journey through outer space, delving into the mysteries of the cosmos. From creating galaxies to discussing the wonders of our solar system, students marvelled at the vastness of the universe and gained a deeper appreciation for the marvels of science.

As the term draws to a close, it's evident that our students have embarked on a multifaceted journey of learning and cultural exploration.From spiritual milestones to academic achievements and cultural celebrations,they have embraced each experience with enthusiasm, curiosity, and resilience.As they continue on their educational journey, we are confident that they will carry the lessons learned during this term with them, shaping them into compassionate, well-rounded individuals who are ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Second Class Christmas Update

Dear Kilcornan families,

As we reflect on the festive season, we are delighted to share some exciting updates from our wonderful 2nd class at Kilcornan National School!

🎭Christmas Play Extravaganza: Our talented 2nd class students were busy rehearsing for the much-anticipated Christmas play. The excitement was palpable as they brought the magic of the season to life on stage. The heartwarming performance surely spread joy and cheer! The play Silent Night went amazingly and we must thank all the pupils and parents/guardians for the tremendous effort put in to make the show possible.

💌Spreading Love to Askeaton Old Folks Home: In the spirit of giving, our students wrote heartfelt Christmas letters to the residents of Askeaton Old Folks Home. The letters were filled with warmth, good wishes, and the joy of the season. It was a beautiful way for our students to connect with and bring a smile to the faces of our elderly friends during this special time of year.

🎭Pantomime Adventure: The 2nd class students had a treat! They attended a magical pantomime, where laughter and joy filled the air. It was an enchanting experience that surely created lasting memories for our young ones.

➕💰Money 2D-Shapes and Data in Maths: Learning went beyond the traditional curriculum in 2nd class. Our students dived into the world of real-world applications by exploring money, 2D-shapes and data in their math lessons. From counting coins to analysing data sets and spotting 2D-shapes in their environments, they developed practical skills that will serve them well in the future.

📝Persuasive Writing Wonderland: The power of persuasion was harnessed in 2nd class as students embarked on a persuasive writing journey. From convincing Santa to try a new type of cookie to crafting letters to the North Pole, our budding writers honed their skills while embracing the holiday spirit.

🎨Artistic Creations for the Late Late Toy Show: Our creative minds were hard at work preparing unique and festive art pieces for the Late Late Toy Show. From handmade ornaments to vibrant drawings, the 2nd class was ready to showcase their artistic talents on a grand stage.

Science Week:2nd class was a whirlwind of excitement and discovery as young scientists embarked on captivating experiments. The classroom buzzed with awe during the"Rainbow in a Jar" activity, where students explored density by layering liquids to create a stunning rainbow. Optical illusions added a touch of magic, challenging perceptions and fostering critical thinking. The weekended on a sweet note with the creation of a Skittle Rainbow, turning a tasty treat into a colorful lesson on patterns. Through hands-on exploration, Science Week ignited curiosity and left 2nd graders with a lasting appreciation for the wonders of science.

🎨Christmas Art Extravaganza: The festive spirit was alive in our art classes! Students channeled their creativity to produce beautiful Christmas-themed artwork that adorned our school halls. Art such as Christmas silhouettes, decorating Christmas trees and We hope you enjoyed the talent and imagination of our 2nd class artists!

We trust these festive updates from Kilcornan National School's 2nd class brought warmth and joy to your holiday season.Wishing everyone a magical and joyous Christmas filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of community.

Merry Christmas!

Warm regards,

Mr. Kavanagh

Second Class Midterm Update

Fáilte ar ais agus Oíche Samhna Shona do gach éinne!


I would like to welcome all the parents and pupils of 2nd class back to school for hopefully another amazing year at Kilcornan N.S.


The term kicked off with the enchanting world of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl. Students delve into the chocolatey adventures of Charlie Bucket, exploring themes of imagination and the joys of reading. Activities such as creating their own chocolate bar and creating their own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters.


As the season transitions from summer to autumn, second class embarked on a mini beast hunt, where they explored the fascinating world of insects and small creatures. This activity not only connected students with nature but also enhanced their observation and research skills. The class was even able to create their own mini beasts!


Math Week takes center stage during this term. Students participated in a variety of math-related activities, puzzles, and challenges that  problem-solving abilities and mathematical understanding. It's a week where numbers become fun and engaging! The highlight of the week was completing a 2-d shape hunt around the school grounds.


Weve started other activities in the classroom such as Music Generations. The class has loved all the musical activities that the two teachers have done in the classroom and look forward to engaging with music in a fun way for the remainder of the year with them.


The term concludes with the highlight of Autumn – Halloween! Second class immersed themselves in the spirit of this holiday by engaging in creative projects that spanned all subjects like discovering the history and origins of Halloween, making spooky crafts, and dressing up in their favorite costumes on the final day of the term. The classroom was adorned with spooky decorations,and the students enjoyed creating Halloween stories, and the annual costume parade.


Have a lovely midterm and enjoy the break!


Mr. Kavanagh

Second Class Summer Update

Welcome back to Rang a Dó!

We can hardly believe we have come to the end of this school year.  What a busy and exciting last term we have had!

We received the sacrament of First Holy Communion on the 20th May. We all had a special job to do on the day, reading a prayer or bringing a gift to the altar. We decorated the walls of the church with our fabulous artwork. It was a lovely celebration and Ms. Moloney was very proud of us all! Thank you to Emily Clarke who provided the wonderful music for the mass. We would also like to say a huge thank you to the Parents’ Council who organised refreshments in the hall after the mass and decorated the hall beautifully.

Earlier this month, we took a trip to Mallow GAA Sports Complex for our ‘Let’s Go’ School Tour. We took part in lots of fun activities; zorb ball roll, KMX karts, human table football, team challenges, air mountain and so much more. We were exhausted after the day but we had a great time.

We took part in Active Week. We played parachute games, cooperative games, races, learned Zumba dances and the whole school even took part in a marathon and collectively ran 42km altogether. Wow!

We have been reading the novel ‘The Sheep Pig’ by Dick King-Smith this month. We enjoyed taking turns reading, changing our voices for the various characters and chatting about the story. We explored the theme of ‘Siopadóireacht’ in Gaeilge and learned the Gaeilge for lots of different animals. We enjoyed singing ‘Seachain an Crogall’ and adding actions.  

In our Rainbow Oral Language, we explored the themes of Transport and Inventions. In SESE, we learned about the development of the bicycle over the years, from the dandy horse to the mountain bike. We learned about the Wright brothers and that the first ever flight took place in 1903. We made our own boats using plasticine and tested their buoyancy in water by adding ‘passengers’. We listened to the story of the great Pirate Queen, Gráinne Ní Mháille.

2nd class explored Magnetism. We learned about the north and the south poles and that opposite poles attract and the same repel. We enjoyed freely exploring the magnets in the classroom. We also learned about sea turtles and did our best to sculpt a sea turtle from clay. They turned out great!

We planted sunflowers with Ms. Ruddle as part of Biodiversity Week. We watered and cared for our seeds every day and watched them grow. We linked this to explanatory writing and wrote about ‘How a Seed Turns into a Plant!’

2nd class love art and were very creative this term. We painted beautiful summer flowers using warm and cool colours. We used washing up liquid and blue food colouring to create cool watery backgrounds for our scuba divers.

What a wonderful year we had spent together in 2nd class.

We would like to say a big thank you to Ms. Quinn and Marian for all the help they have given us this year.

Have a lovely summer!

Check back in with us in 3rd class!



Second Class