1st and 2nd Class


Ms. Moloney

First & Second Class End of Year Update!

We have come to the end of our last term and what a busy term it has been!

We were very lucky to have Ms. Upton on teaching practice for 2 weeks. She did lots of great lessons with us. We loved hearing the story ‘After the Fall’ by Dan Santat. It taught us to always be brave and face our fears.

Inspired by the musical piece ‘March of the Kitchen Utensils’, we designed wooden spoons. We gave our spoons a name, a personality and created a mini drama in our pods. We had lots of fun!

In Literacy this term, we learned about narrative writing. We wrote our own storybooks and remembered that a good story always includes characters, a setting, a problem and a solution. We really enjoyed designing our covers, illustrating our books and of course sharing our stories with the class.

In Geography, we explored the Solar System. We know the names of all the planets and lots of facts about them too. We really enjoyed working on our group projects and presenting them to the class. We also learned about Australia; its climate, animals, famous landmarks and the Aboriginal people. We all agreed we would love to visit Australia someday.

In History, we interviewed our grandparents. It was so interesting to find out about their favourite toys, food, songs and school life when they were young and compare with our lives now. We also enjoyed listening to the legend of Fionn and the Giant’s Causeway. We located the Giant’s Causeway on the map of Ireland and spoke about how it was formed.

We went on lots of outdoor explorations for Science this term as we learned about Irish wildflowers and birds. We were surprised at all the different flowers and species of birds we found on and around the school grounds. We created 3D wildflowers using paper plates. They made a beautiful display in our classroom. We investigated how sound travels and had fun chatting on our string telephones. We also found out about the leather back sea turtle and did our best to mould a sea turtle from clay. They turned out great!

2nd class will celebrate the sacrament of First Holy Communion on the 28th August and preparation is well underway. We are practising our prayers and have created some beautifu lartwork. We can’t wait for our special day!

Our last few weeks of school have been so much fun. We loved taking part in egg and spoon, sack and wheelbarrow races on Sports Day. We were all shocked and amazed when the fantastic magician Peter Blackthorn came to our school. An ice cream van visited on Friday and we all enjoyed a delicious ice cream treat. We also had an ice-cream party on Monday to celebrate the end of a great school year.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs. Wixted, Sharon and Marian for all the help they have given us this year.

Have a lovely summer!

See you all in September! 😊

1st & 2nd Class Easter Update

Welcome back to 1st and 2nd class!

This school term has been very different to what we had expected as we began the new year with distance learning on Seesaw. Despite not being together in the classroom, 1st and 2nd class continued to work very hard at home. We chatted and played games on our weekly Zoom calls but were so excited to return to school on March 1st and see each other in person.

We have had a busy 4 weeks but we have made sure to take time to chat, play and re connect again having been apart for so long.

We were delighted to welcome our French student Raphaelle to our class. We love having her in the classroom and we have even learned some French words and phrases.

It has been a very special time for 2nd class who celebrated the sacrament of First Confession on the 24th March. We worked very hard practising our prayers and responses and were fantastic on the day. We can’t wait to celebrate the sacrament of First Holy Communion on May 8th.

1st and 2nd class have been continuing their hard work on reading since returning to school. We have begun CAPER(Children and Parents Enjoying Reading) and love to read our new books at home each night. We also enjoy DEAR time in the classroom where we take time to relax and read each day. We are great writers and have been working on explanatory writing this month. We learned about the life cycle of the butterfly as well as some interesting facts about them. We then wrote about the 4 stages of their development.  We have been learning about narrative writing and listen to wonderful stories every day on Storyline Online.

We really enjoyed taking part in Seachtain na Gaeilge. We tried our best to use Gaeilge both in class and on the yard and were awarded with ‘Gaeilgeoir an Lae’ certificates for our super efforts. We enjoyed playing Biongó and Feicim le mo Shúilín. We listened to traditional Irish music, learned all about the fascinating life of St. Patrick and dressed all in green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

In Maths, we have spent some time revising addition tables and practising skip counting. We have been working on problem solving, fractions and data. To link in with our oral language theme of transport we completed a traffic survey. We gathered our data outside, represented the data on a block graph and discussed the results.

We have created some lovely artwork too. Beautiful flower bouquets for Mother’s Day, St. Patricks’ Day rainbow twirlers and fabulous Easter bunnies. We have also loved getting back to our fun movement breaks with GoNoodle and playing games in the astro turf that develop our fundamental movement skills.

A very special thank you to Mrs. Wixted, Sharon and Marian who help us in the classroom every day.

We hope you all had a lovely Easter. Check back in with us soon!

Slán from Rang a hAon agus a Dó!

1st & 2nd Class December Update

Welcome back to 1st and 2nd class! The first term has just flown by!

We had lots of fun during Science week when we learned all about teeth. We investigated how some foods can cause tooth decay. We used eggs for teeth and placed the eggs in coke, water, milk, apple juice and vinegar. The results were very interesting. We also made a model of teeth using plasticine.

In Geography, we have been watching the weather,measuring the daily rainfall using a rain gauge and learning about the watercycle.

In Maths, we practised counting money and calculating change at the shop. We also learned about symmetry and created beautiful symmetrical butterflies. We examined 3D shapes and made our own out of paper nets and match sticks.

Although the lead up to Christmas has been a little different this year, we have still really enjoyed it. We had a special visitor this month. Allie the Elf has been moving around the classroom and watching everyone very closely to report back to Santa. We love finding her new hiding place every morning.

We have looked forward to checking what treats are behind our advent calendar each day. There has been hot chocolate, fluffy socks day, a talent show and lots more. We loved working together to write Christmas acrostic poems and created lots of fabulous, festive artwork.

We are looking forward to our Christmas holidays afterall our hard work this term.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from 1st and 2nd class!

1st & 2nd Class Mid Term Update

Welcome to First and Second class. We are delighted to be in school and back together again. It is great to be able to see our friends everyday. School life is a bit different this year. There are many new safety rules but we are brilliant at remembering them all. We have spent time practising proper hand washing and sanitising to stay safe. We make sure to stay in our pods in the classroom and stay in our bubble on the yard.

For Literacy, we read the story ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’. We chatted about the book and created a storyboard of the main events. We learned all about the barn owl and created beautiful artwork inspired by the book. We have been working on recount writing this month and have done fantastic work. Both our reading and writing are really improving with the help of Mrs. Wixted who works with us in the classroom every day.

We have worked very hard on Maths this term. We are learning addition tables and can recall them very quickly. Last week, we learned about 2D shapes.  We found the shapes in the classroom, made shape pictures out of lollipop sticks and went on a shape hunt outside. It was lots of fun!

In History, we talked about games played by our grandparents.Card games were very popular in the past. We practised playing card games we already knew and also learned how to play ‘twenty-five’. For PE, we really enjoyed playing yard games from the past like ‘duck, duck goose’. We also practised athletics and perfected our running, sprinting and jumping skills. We had great fun taking part in different kinds of races.

In Science, we investigated what plants need to grow by growing cress seeds. We made sure the cress seeds had water, light, air and warmth. We also left one of the plants in a dark cupboard, didn’t put any water in another and watched what happened. We learned about the changes that occur in nature in autumn and the names of some common Irish trees. We went on an autumn trail to see if we could spot any of these trees around the school.

In Geography, we learned about planet Earth in space. We discovered that night and day occur because the Earth rotates as it orbits the sun. We made spinning globes from paper plates and included all the continents of the world.

We have worked really hard this term and are looking forward to a well-deserved rest over the midterm break. We hope everyone is staying safe and well.

Slán from First and Second class!


1st and 2nd Class