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Ms. Moloney

First Class December Update

Welcome back to 1st class!

We have had a very busy and exciting first term.

First Class have just moved into our brand new classroom. We really enjoyed helping Ms. Moloney to organise the classroom and creating artwork to decorate our new room.

We are practising the Persuasive writing genre this month and learning lots of different reading comprehension strategies through the Building Bridges programme. Piper by Emma Chichester Clark is our favourite book we’ve read so far.

First Class love Science and we had a lot of fun during Science week. We investigated air and water with many cool experiments. We also made paper spinners and pinwheels.

In Geography, we investigated the weather and climate change. We talked about how we can help stop climate change. We recorded the weather everyday for a week, learned new words for different types of weather, talked about extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and each prepared a weather forecast to present to the class.

In History, we discovered how people long ago predicted the weather before the daily weather forecasts on TV.

Kilcornan NS took part in Anti Bullying week in November. We talked all about bullying and how to be a good friend. We recently had a visit from Dogs Trust which was very interesting. We learned how to behave around dogs so we can stay safe and also the hard work that goes into caring for a dog.

We have been working very hard on our Christmas show with the help of Kate Upton. This year Kilcornan NS are putting on a performance of ‘Cinderella’. First Class are singing and dancing in the show and have been practising a lot. We are really excited for the show and can’t wait for everyone to see us perform on the night.

First Class September Update

Welcome to First Class! We have all enjoyed the summer holidays and are well rested and ready for a new school year. We have all settled back to school and have been working very hard this term.

We have started graded reading again this year and really enjoy reading and chatting about our books at home every night. We have also started Literacy Stations this month. We love moving from station to station working on different reading, phonics, oral language and writing activities in our groups. We have been working on recount writing as part of First Steps writing programme and are busy creating great pieces of work.

In Science, First Class have been examining forces. We investigated the forces of pushing and pulling. We carried out a ‘Dancing Raisins’ experiment to find out what happens when raisins are dropped into fizzy 7up. Soon we will explore friction and investigate the distance a toy car travels on different surfaces.

In Geography, we talked about different methods of  transport. We carried out a traffic survey to investigate the most popular vehicle on the road and revised the ‘Safe Cross Code’ to make sure everyone knows how to be safe when crossing busy roads like the one outside our school.We also listened to the story ‘Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus’ by Mo Willems. It was very funny.

For History, we found out about ourselves as babies and discussed how we have grown and changed. We gathered information on first word,first steps, likes / dislikes etc. and made our own personal timelines with the information we’d collected.

First Class are very excited to be learning to play the tin whistle this year.  We know all the notes on the scale and have started to learn ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’. We are delighted with how much we have improved already.

Check back in with us soon for more First Class news!


First Class


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