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Green Schools: Global Citizenship and the Marine Environment


We have been working hard on our Green Schools application for the past 2 years. Having learned a lot about Global Citizenship and making a difference in the world in our previous two flags on Global Citizenship, pupils were immediately interested in the topic presented.

The Marine Environment refers to all large bodies of water such as seas,oceans, bays estuaries etc...Marine Litter is a serious problem in the world today. Marine debris or marine litter, is human-created waste that has deliberately or accidentally been released in a lake, sea, ocean or waterway. We only see about 15 percent of marine litter floating on the surface of the sea. Over 70 percent of marine litter is lying on the sea bed.

Pupils have been learning about the top 10 marine litter items as well as the sources of marine litter and their effect on the sea creatures and the environment. They have created projects based on microbeads, marine litter, marine creatures and plastic Islands. We invited the 'Marine Experience' out to the school to give a day long workshop on the marine environment and show us lots of marine creatures.

In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic making its way to our oceans and damaging the environment, we also carried out drink bottle surveys. A decision was taken to ask all pupils to buy a re usable bottle for their lunch instead of plastic. Notes were sent out to parents for their co operation and a super response was given to this.

We have contintued to work on our other themes of litter and waste, travel, water, energy and biodiversity. Many thanks to one of our parents for the kind donation of litter pickers and gloves to help us maintain our clean and environmentally friendly school! We regularly organise clean ups in the school environment and have registered for Team Limerick Clean Up 2018. We hope our hard work will mean that we can achieve our eighth green flag this year. Keep tuned for more updates

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