1st & 2nd Class December Update

Welcome back to 1st and 2nd class! The first term has just flown by!

We had lots of fun during Science week when we learned all about teeth. We investigated how some foods can cause tooth decay. We used eggs for teeth and placed the eggs in coke, water, milk, apple juice and vinegar. The results were very interesting. We also made a model of teeth using plasticine.

In Geography, we have been watching the weather,measuring the daily rainfall using a rain gauge and learning about the watercycle.

In Maths, we practised counting money and calculating change at the shop. We also learned about symmetry and created beautiful symmetrical butterflies. We examined 3D shapes and made our own out of paper nets and match sticks.

Although the lead up to Christmas has been a little different this year, we have still really enjoyed it. We had a special visitor this month. Allie the Elf has been moving around the classroom and watching everyone very closely to report back to Santa. We love finding her new hiding place every morning.

We have looked forward to checking what treats are behind our advent calendar each day. There has been hot chocolate, fluffy socks day, a talent show and lots more. We loved working together to write Christmas acrostic poems and created lots of fabulous, festive artwork.

We are looking forward to our Christmas holidays afterall our hard work this term.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from 1st and 2nd class!

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