Wellness Week 2024

Wellness Week took place this year from the 6th to the 12th of February. The Amber Flag Committee prepared lots of fun and relaxing activates for the children to take part in throughout the Week.

Thankful Tuesday took place on 6th February and the boys and girls drew pictures on post its and wrote down what they are thankful for in live. These were placed on the ‘Thankful Tuesday’ board which is on display in the hall. The children also experienced musical yard and danced along to the ‘Kidz Bop’ playlist from Spotify! All classes completed their daily mile around the Astro Turf.

On Well-being Wednesday, the children brought their favourite books to school and took part in DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read). They finished the day by walking/running a mile.

Guided Meditation took place on Thankful Thursday and everyone brought blankets and pillows from home and listened to relaxing music in their classrooms while getting comfortable on the floor.

On Friendly Friday, the boys and girls dressed in colourful clothes and a fundraiser was held of Pieta House. 415 euro was the total amount collected. Many thanks to everyone who donated to such a worthy cause.

To finish Wellness Week, all classes took part in a yoga workshop with Ashling on Mindful Monday which took place on 12th February. The children acted out different animal poses and they all felt very relaxed after completing the workshop.

Wellness Week 2024 was a great success and it is a step closer to earning our second Amber Flag! Well done to the Amber Flag Committee!

VEX Robotics Regional Competition

A huge well done to Ms Mullane and the boys and girls in Sixth Class who won the Teamwork Champion Award and the Design Award in Dell, Limerick yesterday. As a result, they will compete in the nationals of the VEX Robotics competition due to take place in February. Sixth Class have been working very hard since September to create and program their robot for the competition. Everyone was delighted and a great day was had by all! Well done again!

Senior Infants and First Class Christmas Update

We have learned all about the dentist and our teeth. It was great timing as some children had a visit with their dentist. We learned songs from ‘The Singing Dentist’, and loved watching him – he was very popular with everyone!

We have been participating in the Food Dudes initiative. We were so lucky to get to taste a portion of fruit and a portion of vegetables daily for 16 days. We got stickers and rewards each time we tasted something. Now we are going to try our best to continue bringing some fruit and vegetables to school as part of our lunches because we want to be fit, strong and healthy just like the Food Dudes!

We celebrated Science Week. We did lots of experiments. We enjoyed behaving like scientists. We made predictions, observed the outcome and recorded our results. We examined the effects of certain liquids on our teeth and now we have more of awareness of tooth decay and the importance of brushing our teeth. We completed an experiment called Walking Rainbow Water and a Rainbow Milk experiment. They were great fun!

We have enjoyed a seasonal History lesson on toys. We examined toys from the past and even watched an old episode of ‘The Late Late Toy Show’, when Gay Byrne was the presenter. It was so funny to see the types of toys that were popular when our parents were small!  

In Literacy we are all doing wonderful reading everyday. We are all getting more confident and fluent with our reading. We also did some persuasive writing as part of our literacy lessons. We had to persuade Eddie the Elf to come to live in one of our houses.We all did such a good job with our writing that poor Eddie couldn’t pick! He ended up having to pull a name out of a hat. We got to display our writing in our classroom for Eddie to see and we are so proud of it.

In Maths Senior Infants enjoyed learning the Story of 7 through the story, The Naughty Bee. We loved acting out the story on the carpet and pretending to be the bee! We have also been learning all about 2D shapes using lots of hands on materials and activities in groups and pairs. First Class have been using lots of concrete materials too to help with addition up to 20 and money problems. We found it easier to solve the problems when we were using real money!

Sa Ghaeilge, we learned a lot of vocabulary for An Nollag! We played Biongó, made cartaí Nollaig and read stories. Bhí a lán spraoi againn!!

During Anti-Bullying week we discussed how we should all be kind to one another and what to do if we feel we are being bullied. We did activities such as “Cup of Kindness” and “A Helping Hand”. We really enjoyed listening to the story Simon Sock and on the last day of Anti-Bulling week we got to wear odd socks!

We celebrated Christmas Jumper Day in honour of the Children’s Health Foundation. The school raised€600 in total. It was a lovely way to raise money and remember those less fortunate than ourselves.


Our class was lucky enough to be visited by Santa’s Scout elves. Mrs. Gleeson and Mrs. Conway were relieved that they were good elves and behaved themselves for the most part!

We went to the LimeTree Theatre in Limerick to see the panto, Aladdin. We had a great time! Some of the characters were so funny and we really enjoyed dancing and singing along to the songs. We were thrilled to get to bring Treat Bags with us full of lots of goodies. We want to say a big thank you to the Parents’ Association forgiving us these!  

We have had such a wonderful time preparing and performing our Christmas Shows! We loved our singing lessons and had such fun adding dances to each song. It was a great experience being on stage and we were delighted to have all our families in the audience. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful facility as the community hall.

Nollaig Shona daoibh go léir!

Second Class Christmas Update

Dear Kilcornan families,

As we reflect on the festive season, we are delighted to share some exciting updates from our wonderful 2nd class at Kilcornan National School!

🎭Christmas Play Extravaganza: Our talented 2nd class students were busy rehearsing for the much-anticipated Christmas play. The excitement was palpable as they brought the magic of the season to life on stage. The heartwarming performance surely spread joy and cheer! The play Silent Night went amazingly and we must thank all the pupils and parents/guardians for the tremendous effort put in to make the show possible.

💌Spreading Love to Askeaton Old Folks Home: In the spirit of giving, our students wrote heartfelt Christmas letters to the residents of Askeaton Old Folks Home. The letters were filled with warmth, good wishes, and the joy of the season. It was a beautiful way for our students to connect with and bring a smile to the faces of our elderly friends during this special time of year.

🎭Pantomime Adventure: The 2nd class students had a treat! They attended a magical pantomime, where laughter and joy filled the air. It was an enchanting experience that surely created lasting memories for our young ones.

➕💰Money 2D-Shapes and Data in Maths: Learning went beyond the traditional curriculum in 2nd class. Our students dived into the world of real-world applications by exploring money, 2D-shapes and data in their math lessons. From counting coins to analysing data sets and spotting 2D-shapes in their environments, they developed practical skills that will serve them well in the future.

📝Persuasive Writing Wonderland: The power of persuasion was harnessed in 2nd class as students embarked on a persuasive writing journey. From convincing Santa to try a new type of cookie to crafting letters to the North Pole, our budding writers honed their skills while embracing the holiday spirit.

🎨Artistic Creations for the Late Late Toy Show: Our creative minds were hard at work preparing unique and festive art pieces for the Late Late Toy Show. From handmade ornaments to vibrant drawings, the 2nd class was ready to showcase their artistic talents on a grand stage.

Science Week:2nd class was a whirlwind of excitement and discovery as young scientists embarked on captivating experiments. The classroom buzzed with awe during the"Rainbow in a Jar" activity, where students explored density by layering liquids to create a stunning rainbow. Optical illusions added a touch of magic, challenging perceptions and fostering critical thinking. The weekended on a sweet note with the creation of a Skittle Rainbow, turning a tasty treat into a colorful lesson on patterns. Through hands-on exploration, Science Week ignited curiosity and left 2nd graders with a lasting appreciation for the wonders of science.

🎨Christmas Art Extravaganza: The festive spirit was alive in our art classes! Students channeled their creativity to produce beautiful Christmas-themed artwork that adorned our school halls. Art such as Christmas silhouettes, decorating Christmas trees and We hope you enjoyed the talent and imagination of our 2nd class artists!

We trust these festive updates from Kilcornan National School's 2nd class brought warmth and joy to your holiday season.Wishing everyone a magical and joyous Christmas filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of community.

Merry Christmas!

Warm regards,

Mr. Kavanagh