Second Amber Flag

The Pieta Amber Flag initiative recognises the individual efforts of primary and secondary schools, youth reach, third level institutions, community groups and clubs to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental well-being.

Over the past two years, our Amber Flag Committee, under the direction of Ms. Ruddle have been working very hard to make this a realisation.

The Amber Flag judging team stated that:

‘Your Amber Flag Committee has shown great commitment in promoting positive mental health by encouraging teamwork and contributions from peers. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed seeing the results of your efforts through the wonderful initiatives you organised.’

  We will continue to raise awareness of stigmas which exist and the stressors on our collective mental and emotional well-being in Kilcornan National School.

Looking forward to welcoming our new flag!

Kilcornan National School's 70th Anniversary

We had a great turnout yesterday for Kilcornan National School's 70th anniversary celebration.  

On the day, Ms. Balfry, Ms. Wixted and Ms. Griffin spoke about their experience of teaching at the school. Past pupils, Ger Ward and Peter Nash spoke about the fond memories they have of their time at Kilcornan National School.

Junior Infants to Sixth Class created art work and presented it in frames which could be bought by relatives on the day.

The boys and girls engaged in lots of fun activities such as writing their wishes for the future, playing spin the wheel and eating sweets from the sweet trolley as well as lots more!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all. Many thanks to everyone who helped out and supported this event.

Green Flag Ceremony

Katie and Thomas from the Green Schools Committee attended the Green Flag ceremony, accompanied by Ms Quinn and Ms Ruddle on 21st May. On the day, Kilcornan National School were presented with our 11th Green Flag! This is an amazing achievement and many thanks to the committee members for all of their hard work over the past two years!

Active Flag Run around Europe

The Active Flag is a Department of Education initiative which recognises schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community, by awarding them with the Active School Flag.

Junior Infants to Sixth Class have been working very hard to earn the first flag for our school and in doing so, they participated in the Run around Europe challenge. Each of the classes were challenged to build a 'Run a Day' in to their daily routines across the 4 week challenge. Working together as a class, and as a school, their combined km brought them to many of the capital cities across Europe. Juniors to Sixth ran a total of 16,047 laps! Amazing work everyone!