Junior & Senior Infants Easter Update

We have had a busy second term in school! Junior and Senior Infants have been working so hard,they deserve a rest! Juniors started handwriting and have been practising their posture, pencil grip and letter formations. Both classes are engaging with C.A.P.E.R each night and Juniors are also practising their blending and reading. Both classes have moved onto their last class readers and are engaging in lots of free writing. Juniors are working their way through their number stories and are up to the story of 4 while Seniors have completed their number stories up to 10! Ms. Balfry is very proud of everyone!

We have been so lucky to have many exciting activities in school this term. We loved our first Pancake Day and visiting the Sixth Class café for pancakes and treats. We also loved being part of our Green Schools harvest day and getting to see all the local produce. We even brought some in ourselves! We have really enjoyed learning all about taking care of the environment this term. We learned about food miles and food waste and even made our own seasonal calendars! We know it is important to buy locally produced food and food that is in season. We have been growing fruits and vegetables at the back of our classroom and watering them each day until they are ready to be moved outside. We also loved learning about pollinators and how we should be trying to save the bees. We have been collecting SuperValu’s ‘save the Bees’ tokens. We created our own projects on the bees also.

We were excited to see the Book Fair coming to our school and bought lots of books to practice our reading at home. We also had great fun dressing up as our favourite characters for World Book Day.

We did lots of art this term. We made cherry blossom paintings for spring as well as rainy day umbrella outline paintings and giraffes. The giraffes linked in with our oral language work on ‘The Zoo’. As part of this theme, we also watched the live web cams from Dublin and San Diego zoos! It was so interesting!  

We all went on a spring walk around the school grounds, identifying signs of spring, such as buds, cherry blossom, nests etc…We also loved being part of our first Team Limerick Clean Up on the school grounds. We care about keeping our school clean!

We were also excited to practice our smiles for the school photographer Dermot when he came to visit and take our pictures!

It has been really lovely to have some more freedom in our pods this term. We can help each other more and have story time and circle time together. Senior Infants have also been able to join Mrs. Gleeson’s class for Aistear, which they are thoroughly enjoying!

On the last day of school, we enjoyed a scavenger hunt around the school yard. We were also shocked when we saw the Easter Bunny hop past our classroom windows. Ms. Balfry didn’t believe us, until he came into our classroom!! He gave us all Easter eggs! We were so surprised with this special treat!

We are looking forward to our Easter holidays and eating lots of eggs! Check back with us for more updates. Cáisc shona daoibh from Junior and Senior Infants!

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