Seniors and First Class June Update

This term has been very busy in Senior Infants and First Class!

In SESE we learned about Nelson Mandela from South Africa.We loved how he stood up for what he believed in and always treated peoplefairly. Mandela spent 27 years in prison. We also learned a song that was written about him called ‘Free Nelson Mandela’.

We learned the story of ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’. We learned it is called 'An Bradán Feasa’ in Irish. The person who ate the salmon would get all the knowledge in the world. A boy called Fionn accidently burned his thumb on the skin of the salmon and put it in his mouth. He became a great leader.

This year we had Food Dudes visit our school. Every day we got a different fruit and vegetable to eat. When we had tasted the new food, we got prizes; pencil cases, water bottles, pedometers and lunchboxes. Here are the fruits and vegetables that we ate: carrots, cucumber, peppers, baby corn,oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, melons, blueberries, pineapple. Since having the Food Dudes in our school most of us eat a wider variety of foods.

In art, we learned about the primary colours. We used those three colours to mix new colours and create a picture. We also made beautiful tropical fish and created an underwater scene.

In drama, we made a television and used to it make broadcasts.We had sport reports, news reports and weather reports. We also made a remote and changed the ‘channel’. It was lots of fun!

We love singing and dancing. We learned lots of dance moves and love putting them to use in the class!

Everyone in our room brings favourite items from home for‘Show and Tell’. It is a great way to share the things that are important to us.

We went on our school tour to ‘The Old Rectory’ in Croom. We had an amazing day! First, we went on an obstacle course through a forest, then we went on a treasure hunt and got lollipops once we had found everything. We made cookies using different cutters and decorated them with smarties. We ate our lunch at picnic tables. We played on the climbing frames and then we met all the animals and their babies. We had a wonderful day!

We have had a great year and are ready for some summer fun!!

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