Senior Infants & 1st Class Easter Update

We were so delighted to be back to school after lockdown. We spent a lot of time playing together, in our pods, and socialising again! We were so lucky that the weather stayed dry, we were able to go outside for PE and lots of outside playtime.

We are ‘ag baint taitneamh’ as Bua na Cainte and playing games like ‘Deir Ó Grádaigh’, ‘Cluiche Kim’ agus ‘Cad atá imithe?’

In SESE, we learned about the life cycle of the frog. We watched a video and examined pictures of the different stages. One of our classmates was responsible for looking after some rescued frog spawn, ensuring it had the correct food and habitat to make it all the way to adulthood. This was a wonderful learning experience that was exciting to follow! Thank you Dante and Helen!

We were very lucky to be able to use our kitchens at home for some ‘Maths’ during lockdown. When we were learning about weight, we each had to bake something, with help from an adult. Mrs. Gleeson was so delighted to see all our finished cookies, brownies and cakes!

Since we returned to school, we have learned to read o’clock(Seniors and 1st) and half past on the clock. We played ‘What time is it Mr. Wolf?’. It was lots of fun!

Seniors were so good at using our ‘five frames’ in Maths that they were able to start using ‘ten frames’.

Writing is still a very important focus for us, especially in Senior Infants. We are getting so much better at keeping our letters on the line and making them a more mature size. We like to write jokes and stories in our ‘free writing’ time. We also illustrate our work.

We are happy to be back doing our CAPER (Children And Parents Enjoying Reading). We all enjoy quiet reading time at home with our mom or dad.

We have been learning a lot about Spring and all the changes that it brings. We created a beautiful Spring frieze in our classroom, with butterflies and lambs and our seasonal tree, which is now growing buds. We also painted daffodils, using different shades of green that we mixed from the primary colours.

We used collage, with gummed coloured paper, to make symmetrical butterflies. We created a 3D effect on our lambs by using cotton wool to give a similar texture to real-life wool. We were able to feel real sheep’s wool. It was so soft!

We had our lunch outside one sunny day! We picked dandelions from the grass and put them in our cardboard vase!  

We have welcomed Ms. McMorrow to our ‘seomra’ on teaching practise. We have been learning lots and enjoying our lessons with Ms.McMorrow.


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