Senior Infants and First Class October Midterm Update

Welcome back to Seniors and First Class! We have had a wonderful two months getting settled back. We are delighted to have two teachers this year – we think we are getting twice as many rewards!

In Seniors, we started a new Phonemic Awareness programme, which helps us with our reading. We had lots of new actions to learn, but we love it! We have also started our first reader of the year, ‘Ella Goes to the Airport’, and love talking about our characters and the adventures they get up to. We love writing in our copies and our books. Our writing is getting better every day.

In first class we had to get used to staying in school until 3pm. It was hard at first, but our teachers gave us lots of incentives and made it easier. It is a lovely part of our day now.

We are enjoying reading our new readers and having time for DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)time. We share our bean bags and cushions and get comfortable with a book from the library. Our writing has become much more mature and we enjoy taking care when we are writing. We have really impressed Mrs. Gleeson and Mrs. Conway with our neat writing!

We love ‘Show and Tell’ on a Friday. We are allowed bring in something special from home, that we can show to our friends.

We really enjoyed ‘Maths Week’ in October. We did lots of different and creative maths activities during the week. We were each awarded with a certificate for taking part in Maths Week. We have been playing lots of maths games – Buzz, higher and lower, Blastoff – which feel like too much fun to be learning! We love using concrete materials in our maths lessons. Our favourite, most recently, was the ‘Story of 6’ told through the Magic Muddy Puddle.

We also celebrated Climate Action Week in October. We tried our best to have a ‘No Waste Lunch’ one day and we had a ‘No Power Hour’ on another morning. We always recycle everyday in school and try our best to recycle at home too.

In September we went on a nature walk around the school. We saw lots of amazing things like a horse chestnut tree with conkers, blackberries growing on the bushes, some snails and even a dragonfly! When we got back to our classroom we drew some beautiful pictures of everything we saw. We have enjoyed learning about trees (we celebrated National Tree Day by planting a Hazel tree in the front of the school) and taking notice of how the nature around us is changing with the arrival of Autumn. We love saying the poem “Falling Leaves” using actions. We learned about the hedgehog – he is nocturnal and needs to hibernate during the winter.

We printed and painted beautiful ducklings, made beautiful rockets and Autumn trees. We also made a creatlach and a púca to decorate our room. We made a 3D hedgehog using wool to make a pom pom for his spikes. We then added a nose and eyes to the pompom. We made a habitat for our hedgehog and filled it with autumn coloured leaves. We use paint palettes with sixteen different paint blocks on them. It took some practice to get used to using the paint blocks, but they give us lots of different colours and are easy to mix. We love drawing too. We all got a chance to draw Arnie the Doughnut and we did a stunning job!

We have been relishing Music Generation. Aoife and Nora (a past-pupil) come into our room every Wednesday and teach us songs and games. Nora brought her harp one day and played music for us. It was really special.

The build up to Halloween has been great fun! As part of a science experiment using magnets, we made paper ghosts which could hover in the air. We have been reading “Spookley,the Square Pumpkin” and “Room on the Broom”. In pairs we did a cut and paste sequencing activity for each story. We used the finished product to help us to retell the story aloud. We have been learning about the spider and we created beautiful drawings of Halloween spiders. They were spooky!


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