Senior Infants & First Class Christmas Update

What a wonderful term we have had in the Senior Infants and 1st class classroom!

We were lucky enough to be able to put on our Christmas show ‘Whoops-A-Daisy Angel’. We had great fun learning our songs and helping to make up the dances to go with them. There was great excitement when we first got to practise on the stage! We also painted some props and learned our lines. When the day of the show finally arrived, our nerves and excitement were all mixed together, but we all had great fun performing for an audience. It was a fantastic experience and lots of our family members came to see us!

We were also so delighted to attend the panto ‘Peter Pan’ in UL. It was the first time for most of us to see a panto and we loved it – especially shouting at the actors ‘He’s behind you!’ and ‘Oh no you’re not!’

We celebrated Science Week by completing different science experiments: we made butter using double cream and then tasted it on toast; we compared the reactions of coke and mentos and bread soda and vinegar; we filled a balloon with the gas from the mixture of bread soda and vinegar; and we painted our names using an invisible mixture of bread soda and water, then when that had dried we painted over the whole page, using a mixture of turmeric and sanitiser, to reveal the hidden name.


In Literacy, we are learning to write more elaborate information, especially using words and phrases that we know and we know where to find them to help us spell. The 1st class worked in pairs to write acrostic poems – they were great fun to read aloud! It is great to be able to use our skills independently. We love reading time, both shared and DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read). We start every morning with oral language, where we enhance our skills of speaking and listening. It is great fun so we don’t realise we are learning!

Is maith linn Gaeilge! We love learning songs and rhymes in Irish. We play games to help us practise our vocabulary – Deir Ó Grádaigh and Bíongó are our current favourites!

In Maths, we learned to compare items – tall, taller, tallest, wide, wider, widest etc. We have investigated up to the number 8 in Seniors and spent lots of time with concrete materials. We also created patterns using different resources. In 1stclass, we spent time learning about money – it can be tricky to count! Luckily we had lots of coins and real-life scenarios to help.4

In SESE, we have been learning about winter and the weather. We use a lot of observation and comparing. It is important to take notice of the world around us. In History, we examined old and new toys. We watched some clips of the old Late, Late Toy Show with Gay Byrne presenting it. We took notice of the different types of toys and the different clothes that were in fashion. We also noticed some toys that are still the same or similar to our toys today.

In Visual Art, we developed more drawing and painting skills. We drew amazing ‘Barry, the Fish with Fingers’. We also created patterns and mixed our own colours; we made a three-toed sloth; we created a hedgehog using match sticks and autumn leaves. We also made Christmas tree decorations, woolly hats and elf door hangers.

We have been so busy! We are very excited for Christmas and spending time with our family and friends!

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