Senior Infants & 1st Class December Update

Happy Christmas!! We have had a very busy half-term!

We have learned about 2-D and 3-D shapes. We spent a lot of time investigating and handling sets of shapes, so we could figure out their properties. We learned the names of circles, rectangles, triangles and squares and cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder. We made shape pictures with the 2-D shapes and buildings with the 3-D shapes. We also completed a maths trail,where we identified 2- and 3-D shapes in real life.

We learned how to measure using non-standard units, like cubes, lollipop sticks, straws and even our hands. We use comparative words to describe items like long, longer, wide, wider, tall and taller. In first class we started measuring using a metre stick.

We love our Bua na Cainte. We have learned all about Daidí na Nollag, stoca Nollag, cáca Nollag, hata dearg, cóta dearg agus bristí dearg! We love singing our songs and saying our rhymes, especially Bualadh Bos agus Síndo Lámha.

Our writing and reading are continuing to improve. We learned about acrostic poems and wrote a shared one entitled ELF. First class made up their own amazing acrostic poems called SANTA. We have enjoyed reading independently during our DEAR time. Senior Infants are really enjoying their CAPER time at home and first class are looking forward to starting it in the new year.

In SESE we have learned about toys and games that might be the same nowadays as they were when our grandparents were young. We watched archived footage of ‘The Late Late Toy Show’ and compared it to this year’s Late Late Toy Show! We examined the materials that some toys are made from and looked for those materials in our local environment. We investigated objects made from a variety of materials to examine whether they would float or sink. We observed the weather and kept a record of it every day for a week. It was cold and rainy most often! We read a wonderful story called Raindrop Bill, which describes the water cycle. We replicated rain falling from rain clouds with shaving foam and food dye. We celebrated Science week by having experiments every day. We grew seeds but kept the light from one seed tray to test if the seeds would grow. We put hard boiled eggs into different liquids to examine the effect on the shell of the eggs. The egg shells react in much the same way as the enamel on our teeth do; after a few days we examined the eggs and used a tooth brush to clean them!

In SPHE we have started our Stay Safe programme.  We also learned the correct way to brush our teeth, with help from the Singing Dentist! We made a 3-D collage of a toothbrush and tooth paste.

In art, we learned about primary colours. We mixed yellow and blue to make different shades of green. We used our greens to paint Snapsy theAlligator, a character from one of our stories. We mixed yellow and red to make different shades of orange, which we used to paint the sky at sunset. Once it was dry, we used our pencil and crayons to draw a silhouette. We made and decorated Christmas trees and Christmas baubles. We were also lucky enough to be gifted wooden reindeer ornaments from a parent, which we decorated and hung at home.  

We love going to the astro turf for PE lessons. If the weather is not suitable, we work on fundamental movements in our pods. Our teacher always makes sure we get enough movement throughout the day. We play lots of physical games for Maths and Gaeilge.

Nollag Shona Duit!

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