Senior Infants' December Update

We have been learning so much in Senior Infants this half-term! We had Ms. Downes on teaching practice for three weeks in November and she did lots of lovely lessons with us.

In literacy, we are learning to read our Dolch List words. Dolch List words are the most common 100 words and knowing them means that we become better readers.We have shared lots of lovely stories this term too. One of our favourites was‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Robertson. We acted out the story, pretending to be the different characters and each having the correct item of clothing that the giant gave us. It was lots of fun.

We have a special book to help us with our oral language. We learn new words based on a different topic every few weeks. There is an interactive poster that goes with it on the white board, and there are lots of interactive games. We love playing them and they help us with our words too.

We have paid particular attention to improving our writing skills, with wonderful outcomes! We always remember to sit up straight, use our two hands, and a sharp pencil. It’s important to have a good pencil grip so that our hands don’t tire easily.

We have learned lots about 3-D. Ms. Downes made Callum Cuboid, Conor Cube, Sammy Sphere and Cindy Cylinder come to life as characters! They helped us match and sort real-life 3-D shapes from around the classroom. We have also been learning about 2-D shapes. We played lots of tangram games and made pictures using squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. We enjoy playing dice games to help us with adding. We had a special one for Christmas, where we worked in pairs to add up the numbers from two die, then we had to find the correct present and colour it. It was really enjoyable!

In SESE we have learned about the Emperor Penguin and Antarctica. We made penguins from toilet roll inserts and a winter scene using fake snow. The fake snow was lots of fun to play with. We all loved feeling it expand in our hands when the teacher added water to it!! In Science, we learned about electricity. We worked together in small groups to make a circuit. We knew it had worked when the bulb lit up! There was great excitement during that lesson!

Sa Ghaeilge, we each made a ‘fear sneachta’ using cotton wool and dressed him to keep him warm. We learned songs and poems about ‘Daidí na Nollaig’ and acted out ‘drámaíocthtaí’. We are getting very good at remembering to say ‘Fáilte Romhat’ to any visitor to the classroom. We also say ‘Tá mé reidh’ when we are ready. We love using our Irish every day.

Our biggest highlight this term has to have been getting ready for our Christmas Show ‘Cinderella’ the panto! The song that we learned was ‘Dancing on Sunshine’. Kate Upton taught us all the dance moves and we worked really hard to all do them at them same time. It was lots of fun!

We also went to UL’s University Concert Hall to see a professional panto – ‘Oh yes we did!!!’ We had a great day out and enjoyed the experience hugely!


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