Teacher and Artist in Partnership

As part of the 'Teacher and Artist in Partnership' programme, Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class were priviledged to be able to work with composer and artist Fiona Linnane this term. Fiona came into the school and worked with both classes. She engaged the classes with fantastic music lessons both in the classroom and outside. Pupils were introduced to opera and watched an amazing puppet show opera. The theme of nature was the main focus and the beautiful Curraghchase was used as inspiration for the project. Pupils used natural materials and created their own forest creatures of Curraghchase. Each creature had a name, a special gift and a back story and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed working on these and writing them up. Fiona then composed a unique song for the pupils to learn and perform, called 'The Creatures of Curraghchase'. The programme culminated with Senior Infants and First Class going on a field trip to Curraghchase where their forest creatures got to star in a video created by Fiona using their unique song as the background music. It was an amazing experience for all pupils involved and we thank Fiona for her enthusiasm, skill and hard work.

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