Fourth & Fifth Class Easter Update

Happy Easter Everyone! What a productive, enjoyable few months it has been.

4th and 5th class has been a ‘hive’ of activity since Christmas. We studied the anatomy and lifecycle of a honeybee which led to our writing of a detailed, scientific explanation of the different stages of a honeybee’s development. Take a look at our colourful, collaborative bee art display in our room! Another cycle which we learned all about, was the Water Cycle. See the pictures of our Water Cycle experiments which we stuck to our windows for sunlight. We are now very confident in writing explanatory texts!

Engineers Week was very cool. As a S.T.E.M activity, we brainstormed ideas and designed our own individual skiers using only lollipop sticks, tinfoil, sellotape and pipe cleaners. There was great excitement racing them down the slope ! In Science, we also investigated how magnets work. We learned about the North and South poles of magnets and how they can either attract or repel each other.

The Greenschools committee has been working super hard the past few weeks. Our class discussed food wastage in the home. We did our own Tesco grocery shops on the school laptops in pairs and planned a breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days. We chose foods that we could reuse and ensured we were getting value for money. There were lots of calculations to be done! We now know the meanings of ‘best before’ dates and ‘use by’ labels from examining some food items. As we are learning all about weight in maths, we also checked to see grammes and kilogrammes on the packaging! We will try extra hard at home to reduce waste!

In Gaeilge,we became weather reporters! It was exciting to present the’ réamhaisnéis na haimsire’ os comhair an ranga! Sár Mhaith a pháistí! The children learned avery funny poem called ‘Dumpysaurus agus an chearc’ which they love to recite! 4th and 5th class are also excellent singers. ‘The Green Grass Grew All Around’ was a catchy song we sang in class. It gets confusing but we mastered it!

Pancake Day and Grandparents Day were also fun days which we celebrated! The children enjoyed yummy, chocolate treats thanks to 6 class. Did you see that we had a Litter Pick Up day too? We used pickers, bags and gloves to cleanup our school grounds! The place is looking great!

World Book Day was lots of fun! We dressed up as our favourite book characters and took part in a ‘Book Quiz’ in class. We then did a book scavenger hunt where we were given the task of finding information such as ‘item of food/clothing’ or an ‘interesting sentence’ in the books from our library! We listened to an audiobook by David Walliams which was super relaxing. We will be finishing our second class novel ‘Wonder’ after the Easter Break.

Have a lookat our Zentangle Easter Bunnies and ciseáin cásca which we created this week! We played a Gaelic football match to finish out a busy few months! Thanks also to Linda who has helped us everyday in the classroom!

Happy Easter from 4th and 5th Class!

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