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Active Schools Week September 2016


We had a very active return to school this September when we participated in the 'European Week of Sport and Physical Activity'. What began on Monday the 12th September was an initiative, supported by the Irish Sports Council, to promote sport and physical activity in a positive way in schools. Different forms of exercise were incorporated into each school day.  Activities included: Move it Monday, Try it Tuesday, Walk on Wednesday, Team Work Thursday and Challenge the Teachers Friday! After enduring a variety of challenges throughout the week, the pupils came out victorious!! A re match may be needed before the school year ends!

5th and 6th classes step it out during zumba
Senior Infants enjoy zumba with Avril

In honour of 'Move it Monday', all classes stopped working and moved for 10 minutes from 12.00 to 12.10. Music and movement filled the school as each class danced/walked/ran the clock down. 'Try it Tuesday' saw all classes partake in zumba lessons from dance instructor Avril. Pupils enjoyed choreographed dance routines as well as games and limbo. Thanks to Avril for being so professional and providing us with a fun filled day as usual!

Junior Infants
1st and 2nd Classes

'Walk on Wednesday' was thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils who walked around our lovely school grounds,including the astro turf pitch. Mr. Russell and Ms. O'Connor's classes added a scavenger hunt element, while Ms. Mann's class challenged themselves with a pedometer!

3rd and 4th Class walked 10 laps of the school (2065 steps) which was approximately 1.5kms in under 20 minutes. Well done!
Mr. Russell's happy campers on their scavenger hunt!
Lily Bradshaw from Ms.'O Connor's class goes searching!

'Team Work Thursday' and 'Challenge the Teachers Friday' were undoubtedly the highlight of the week! Over the two days, staff took on each class in a variety of challenges which included beanbag races, soccer matches, skipping challenges and relay races.

Joe Adams takes off in the skipping challenge
Our secretary Lorraine racing Tadhg from Juniors in the beanbag race!

Ms. O'Connor showing off some very fancy footwork during the soccer match!
Ms. O Keefe admits defeat in the skipping challenge!
Guess who won this race????

Ms. Mullane challenging her girls to a race!
The boys were no match for Ms. Cantillon!
The smiles say it all! A big thank you to all staff members for making the week possible!

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