Silver SFI Curious Minds Award

We are delighted to share that Kilcornan NS has won a Silver SFI Curious Minds Award! 🏆In order to receive a prestigious award like this, we provided evidence of children’s engagement with STEM in the following areas throughout the year:Science: all children engaged in many experiments, investigating sinking and floating with boats, the transport of water through plants and the reaction between two materials. 4th class learned all about earthquakes, working together to create projects and presented their projects to the other classes👩🔬🧑🔬🧪

Technology: 6th class took part in the VEX robotics competition where they came 2nd in the teamwork challenge at the Nationals in MTU 💻📱

Engineering: children designed and made various objects such as parachutes, boats, playgrounds and bridges 🌉🏟️🛶

Maths: children engaged in activities such as Maths trails, built 2D shapes in nature and used their Maths skills practically to weigh and measure ingredients to make Easter nests 🟨✖️🔢👩‍🍳

Well done to Ms. Wixted and her 4th class for coordinating this and to all the classes for their engagement with the STEM criteria. We are very proud!!

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