Fourth Class Easter Update

Fáilte ar ais do Rang a Ceathair. What a busy second term we have had!

Pupils in 4th class have been busy little bees since Christmas. We embraced Science this term with experiments, research and projects on various topics. We researched all about how earthquakes happen. We made detailed, artistic projects about earthquakes and shared our knowledge by presenting them to the other classes. Ms. Wixted is very proud of us! This then led to our writing of a detailed, scientific explanation of what causes earthquakes, how they are measured and what to do if an earthquake happens. Another cycle which we learned all about, was the Water Cycle. We are now very confident in writing explanatory texts after lots of research on the laptops.

In Gaeilge, we became weather reporters! It was exciting to present the’ réamhaisnéis na haimsire’ oscomhair an ranga! Sár Mhaith a pháistí! The children love playing Biongó to practice their new ‘stór focail’. We also explored our theme of ‘Sa Bhaile’, or‘In the home’ this term. We used some Smyths toy catalogues to find pictures of items you might find in your house such as a kitchen, musical instruments and toys. We then categorised the items into things we would like and things we do not like. We labelled our sheet afterwards, revising the vocabulary we had learned for this topic.

Pancake Day and Grandparents Day were also fun days which we celebrated! The children enjoyed yummy, chocolate treats thanks to 6th class.

Ms. Wixted is applying for the ‘Curious Minds’ award on our behalf, recognising the work we are putting in to learn all about the world around us. We have carried out lots of STEM activities to (hopefully) reach this award. We embraced ‘Engineers Week’ this term, creating really cool marble runs using toilet rolls. We even designed bridges using spaghetti and had parachute ‘take-offs’. It was a great way to practice our listening skills, giving everybody the chance to share their opinion, compromising when necessary and working as a team to produce the product. We also applied our Maths skills to real life this week. We made Easter nests using cornflakes, chocolate and mini eggs. We weighed the ingredients with a weighing scales first to ensure we got the perfect consistency!

World Book Day was lots of fun! We dressed up as our favourite book characters and took part in ‘Buddy Reading’ with 2nd class. They brought their favourite book to our classroom and we listened to their reading,helping them along when needed. We also designed the cover of our favourite books. We also finished exploring our novel ‘Holes’ this term. We have gotten very fast at finding words in our dictionaries to expand our vocabulary and delved into great discussions over the various characters in the story.

We also celebrated ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’ this term. 4th class are excellent singers. ‘The Haka’- as Gaeilge was a catchy song we sang in class, and performed as a school for Lá Glas. To prepare for the céilí on Friday, we practiced our dance ‘Shoo the Donkey’ with Mrs. Gleeson’s classroom in the halla beforehand. We loved showing the little ones what to do and help them master the moves! We have also learned how to play the ukulele. We can now play three chords: C major, A minor and F major. Thanks to Sharon and Catherine who have helped us every day in the classroom! We really appreciate everything you do.

Check back in with us soon.

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