3rd & 4th Class Easter Update

New Year! New Term! New way of teaching and learning!

2021 started off very differently to previous years and we found ourselves back to remote teaching and learning. Luckily, we had Seesaw set up this time, and it was great to have daily interactions with pupils and teacher. The children worked so hard and tried their very best despite the tricky circumstances. We enjoyed sharing our thoughts and experiences of lockdown and remote learning when we eventually got back to the classroom.

Thankfully, we got back to our lovely classroom on Monday 15th March. To say excitement levels were at a high would be an understatement. Everyone was so thrilled to see their friends again and we spend a lot of time chatting, reconnecting and having fun together as a class. We enjoyed some card games, ‘Sausages’ – our new funny oral language game, board games and lots of extra PE and outdoor activities when the weather cooperated.

We spent a good bit of time doing revision in Maths andGaeilge. We had fun playing Biongó to revise our numbers 1-100 as Gaeilge and we participated in a class ‘Tráth na gCeist’ as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge.We even held a mini Céilí in the classroom and danced the ‘Walls of Limerick’. We had to make a few changes to the dance because of Covid guidelines.

As well as revising, we started new topics such as our theme of Daffodils. We learned about the Life Cycle of the daffodil, discussing and observing the process in detail. We studied the various parts of the daffodil and the daffodil bulb. We also learned other interesting facts and went of a daffodil hunt around the school. We learned a lot of new vocabulary throughout our lessons and we even linked the theme to work in other areas. We read, discussed and learned Verse 1 of the well-known poem ‘I wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ by William Wordsworth. We then used our skills of observation to sketch daffodils and coloured them using oil pastels, blending and layering our colours to create texture and give a 3-D illusion.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, World Book Day and Easter in the last couple of weeks. We had several more birthdays to celebrate too. We have all worked so hard over the last few weeks, both and home and in school,and we are ready for our Easter holidays now. We had a lovely party to celebrate!

See you next term,

3rd and 4th class 😀

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