Third & Fourth Class End of Year Update!

We were so lucky to remain in school for our final term of the 2020/2021 academic year…and what a term it has been! We worked so hard and completed lessons on many different topics in each of our subject areas. Mrs. Meade always says ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’, and so our hard work was rewarded with lots of fun activities and treats too.

In Literacy, we spent a lot of time focusing on phonics, spellings and vocabulary and we completed the PAT Vowel Sounds programme. We also worked on our reading and comprehension skills with our Graded Readers and Conversation Stations. We really enjoyed our class novel ‘Bill’s New Frock’ and engaged in lots of literacy, drama and art lessons based on it. In particular, our debate on School Uniforms got very heated and we went so far as to write Persuasive letters to our Principal Mrs. Wixted to request changes to our school uniform. We were so lucky not to have to wear our school uniform for the last two weeks of school. Over the course of the year, we put in a lot of effort with our joint-handwriting and presentation of our written work. We even got Mrs. Meade’s special ‘Pen Licenses’ to use for the remainder of term.

In SESE, we learned all out ‘Weather and Climate’ and linked this study to ‘Earth Day 2021’. Mrs. Meade registered us for a livestream event provided by The Natural History Museum of Ireland and The Rediscovery Centre, where we got to learn about Ice Age Ireland and observe real fossils such as teeth and tusks of Woolly Mammoths, Giant Irish Deer antlers and even the jawbone/teeth and poop of a spotted hyena. It was very cool!  We discussed in depth, Climate Change and the Climate Crisis and we researched activists like Greta Thunberg and the amazing work that she does. In class, we brainstormed ways that we can help to slow down climate change and made pledges to do our part to help save our planet Earth.

On rainy days, we were kept entertained with the fabulous new board games which were gifted to us by the Parents’ Council. We were very grateful to receive them. For Golden Time, which we sometimes enjoy on Friday afternoons, we engaged in card games such as Old Maid. We had lots of fun playing these in our pods.  As the weather improved, we took our lessons and activities outdoors as much as possible. We completed Literacy lessons in the sunshine, had lunch ‘al fresco’ and worked up a sweat in the heat during PE lessons and our end of year Sports Day.

We were delighted to welcome Ms. Olive Wixted to our classroom for Teaching Practice in May and we thoroughly enjoyed all the fun and interesting lessons she completed with us. We were also very lucky to have Ms. McMorrow teach us for the last few weeks of school and we would like to thank her for all her hard work and for the great mix of lessons and activities she completed with us, such as our end of year projects on a country of our choice. We worked very hard researching and gathering our information, putting together our projects and information and then presenting our projects to the class. Checkout our pictures below!

A special word of thanks to our class SNA, Linda, who does so much for us in class and behind the scenes. She is always there to help us and spoils us with treats.  We were lucky to have her as part of our class this year!

To reward our hard work and good behaviour all year, Mrs. Meade popped back for a visit on the last week of school and surprised us with a ‘Breakfast Buffet’. We got to enjoy chocolate croissants, pancakes, rice krispie squares and apple and orange juice. The staff also arranged for an ice-cream van to visit the school and we enjoyed an afternoon being mesmerised by a magician. Make sure to have a look through the pictures of some of the work and activities we were involved in this term.

Happy Summer everyone! Enjoy the holidays 😊

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