Second and Third Class December Update

‘We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!’  Rang a dó agus a trí are busy preparing their dance and practicing their songs with the very talented Kate Upton. This year’s show is ‘Cinderella’ and they are very excited to be a part of such a fantastic production.

The boys and girls had super fun during Science Week. We made gooey green slime by simply mixing cornflour and water, investigated absorption using food dye, watched a volcano explode using coke and mentos and even created a rainbow effect by mixing yummy skittles with warm water. Have a look below at the photos of us working in groups and experimenting with different materials!


S(now) doubt but Christmas art activities are always special. We made snowglobes this month using paper plates, snowmen, and scrunching white crepe paper to create snowballs. Funky paper Christmas Trees are also hanging up in our classroom which we decorated with colourful, glittery baubles. Of course, we couldn’t forget wishing our loved ones a Happy Christmas by designing beautiful snow slope Christmas cards including the message ‘Nollaig Shona Duit!’

In Geography this month, ‘we travelled around Australia on Highway Number One’, a catchy song to which we sang and danced around the classroom. We learned all about Australian weather, landscape,cities and the animals native to the country. We particularly enjoyed researching the different animals such as kangaroo, possum, koala, great white shark and frill necked lizard. We filled up a factfile sheet and took part in a fun quiz to test our knowledge.

This month, we have become familiar with the ‘Persuasive’ writing genre. During literacy stations each morning we have been practicing writing different persuasive texts such as why dogs make the best pets and why winter is the best season. Mrs.Quinn has been helping to ensure we are remembering our capital letters and full stops. Both 2nd and 3rd are making huge progress with their cursive handwriting. Their presentation and copywork is really beautiful.

In Maths, we have spent the last few weeks exploring lines and angles. To begin, we made acute, obtuse and right angles by sticking lollipop sticks to coloured paper. We then went on a maths trail around the school and took pictures of any lines and angles that we found. After recording our findings we examined the photos back in the classroom under our visualiser. The children have been revising their tables coming up to the Christmas break by playing the game ‘hit the button’ on the interactive whiteboard.

Teacher’s favourite animal was a hot topic this month as Dogs Trust came to visit us. We loved learning all about how bes tto care for our furry friends. We asked lots of questions and now have the knowledge we need to be able to handle dogs properly!

We are really excited to go and see the panto ‘Aladdin’ in the UCH Limerick this month. It promises to be an amazing day out for all!

 2nd and 3rd have worked extremely hard this term and we look forward to a well earned rest. Have a lovely, safe Christmas everybody and we will see you all in the New Year!

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