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First and Second Class


First and Second class had a great first term and are happy to be back to school again. We are still working hard on Literacy and Numeracy stations with Mrs. Wixted and Ms. Quinn and love relaxing while we read in the school library every week.

We really enjoyed learning how to play golf over the last 6 weeks and picked up lots of new skills.

In Science, we investigated the conditions plants need to grow when we grew ‘yoghurt heads’ using cress seeds. We also completed taste tests on many different foods, examined seeds in fruit and vegetables and sampled fruit we had never eaten before. They were delicious!!

For Art we made lighthouses out of recyclable materials and as part of Green Schools we are working on projects on Marine Life. We are researching many sea creatures, how they are affected by marine litter and what we can do to help. We can’t wait to show our finished projects to the school. This week the whole school helped the environment by taking part in a big clean up of the school grounds. We collected lots of litter and had a lot of fun too.

Check back in with us again soon!!

Maths Stations
Clean Up!

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