5th Class December Update

It has been a busy few weeks but we are really getting into the spirit of Christmas in rang a 5.

We have enjoyed creating some wonderful pieces of artwork in recent weeks. The children used pictures from old recycled Christmas cards to create their own cards to send to loved ones. We worked on our cartoon drawing skills to draw mischievous looking ‘Grinches’ from Art Hub. To support Limerick in the All Ireland Hurling Final, we practised folding and cutting skills to create green and white snowflake mobiles.

The 5th class are being rewarded for their hard work each day on the run up to Christmas. We have created our own class Advent Calendar and the children get to enjoy a small treat each day- fluffy socks day, popcorn party, Christmascharades/puzzles, listening to Christmas songs. It’s a great way to stay motivated and focused.

For Science Week, the children had the opportunity to present their incredible experiments to the class. We watched volcanic eruptions, lava lamps and elephant toothpaste being created. We investigated energy and forces by making mini cars out of straws, cardboard and toilet rolls. It was enjoyable to watch the cars being raced and then having to work as engineers to tweek designs to make them mov efaster. See photos below of our bright scientists hard at work. We also learned a lot about various Irish scientists and what they had discovered and invented.

Every Wednesday is well-being Wednesday in Rang a 5. In the morning, we check in with our emotions, thoughts and feelings and record them in a well-being journal. The children love this, especially at this time of year when things are super busy and a little stressful. It helps to clear our minds and settle down to work. For World Kindness Day, the children wrote fantastic acrostic poems using words we discussed associated with being kind. Children read them out to class and we really enjoyed listening to them.

We brought Dragon’s Den to 5th class this year. For persuasive writing,children took part in a Cereal Box Challenge. In pairs, children designed and presented their own cereal brand. They did a great job trying to persuade the audience to buy their product. Excellent work future entrepreneurs!

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to the New Year, from all in Rang a 5 😊 🎄

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