Fourth & Fifth Class Summer Update

What a wonderful run up to the Summer holidays we have had! Each day 4th and 5th class have had something exciting taking place. Have a look at the photos of our ‘Teach the Teacher’ lessons which the children so expertly taught throughout the month of June. The class enjoyed learning how to bake a biscuit cake, play the guitar, draw a giraffe and make a giant sling shot. There were many more fantastic lessons which were well thought out and prepared by each pupil. After we had learned about a new topic, we took part in quizzes on Kahoot on the laptops, completed word searches and played BINGO.

Summer is a lovely time of the year to create beautiful artwork. We used colourful wool and paper plates to weave bright rainbows. We took inspiration from our Gaeilge stories on ‘Laethanta Saoire’ to paint a sunny holiday beach scene. The Gaeilge stories included details about travelling on an aeroplane, swimming in the sea and playing games on the sand. We used dictionaries and the knowledge of our briathra learned earlier in the year to help us write the paragraphs.

The class have worked super hard at their Maths and English this year. They completed dictation sentences each day for the month of June, looking out for correct punctuation and  spellings while ensuring their cursive handwriting was nice and neat. The children took part in Maths games and revision booklets to revise all of the topics covered in the curriculum this year. Well Done 4 and 5 on all the progress you have made in these subjects since September!

May and June were very active months. We spent time in the sunshine in the Astro Turf with our football and hurling coaches, practicing new skills and playing matches. It was an added bonus when Declan Hannon came to visit Kilcornan NS as part of our Greenschools flag raising ceremony. There was great excitement when the ice-cream van and the Liam McCarthy Cup made an appearance too!

Our school tour to Derg Isle Adventure centre in Scarriff was thoroughly enjoyable. The children took part in kayaking and land activities. They were served a yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows to warm them up after their swim! A successful day out overall and an excellent way to finish out a busy school year.

The Sports Day was a huge hit with our class. Thank you to 6 class and Ms. Mullane for organising the various stations: Egg and Spoon race, dress up race, wheelbarrow race, sack race and the three legged race. We also did throw a welly and a small football blitz.

A special thank you to Linda for all of the hard work she has done for us this year, caring for and helping the children in 4th and 5th

I have really enjoyed teaching 4th and 5th and wish them all the best next year! Have a lovely Summer everyone 😊

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