Fourth Class December Update

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”…and we are really getting into the spirit of Christmas in Rang a 4. The boys and girls have been rehearsing loads for their opening performance in this year’s Christmas Show, ‘Cinderella’.  What a show we have in store for you! Get your tickets early!

We have been working hard on our Tin Whistle this term and the improvement is very impressive. We have learned a whole host of songs including some Christmas tunes such as ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ and ‘The First Noel’. Most children love performing ‘solos’ for their teacher and fellow classmates and it is great to see their confidence growing as their skills develop.

We have enjoyed creating some fantastic pieces of artwork in recent weeks. We used recycled Christmas cards and used a picture extension technique to create some fabulous festive pictures. We experimented with lines and shadow to create Snowy Winter Scenes and we worked on our cartoon drawing skills to draw close-ups of the one and only Rudolph. Have a look below at the photos of our masterpieces.

In Science this month, we were learning all about ‘Materials and Change’ and we engaged in some very cool experiments to reinforce our learning. We changed cream into butter by applying the force of shaking, then we added a pinch of salt and tasted our homemade butter on crackers. It is safe to safe it was a thumbs-up from everyone. We also mixed baking soda and water to create our own fake snow. We then had a competition to see which group could make the best miniature snowman. Have a look at our photos and judge for yourself. We also made snowballs and then poured vinegar on them to observe the chemical reaction. As we predicted, the vinegar caused the snowballs to fizz and bubble up before melting. The excitement didn’t end there though. Mrs.Meade brought in ‘Buzz Snow’ and we were amazed watching a tiny scoop of white powder expand by up to 100 times when water was poured over it. It looked like real snow and felt like real snow but it would not stick together like our home-made version so we were unable to make snowmen out of it.

The boys and girls have finished learning and revising all their multiplication tables from x0 up to x12. We had lots of fun in our stations playing games and engaging in activities to reinforce our tables and develop great speed and accuracy. All the hard work paid off and we did brilliantly in our Tables Test. Mrs. Meade is very proud of us.

We were delighted to be invited to the Salesian’s Panto ‘We will Rock You’ earlier this month and we had a great morning at the Lime Tree Theatre. We are also very excited to go and see ‘Aladdin’ in U.L. before our Christmas holidays. It will be another great day out.

It has been a busy and exciting term and we are all deserving of a good break now after our hard work over the last few months.We’ll see you in the New Year!


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