5th Class Mid Term Update

Welcome back to another school year. 5th class began this unusual school year with a great attitude towards work, adhering to the daily routine of hand washing and sanitising. They love being reunited withtheir friends and working as a team within their new pods. It was lovely for children to experience a sense of normality, having face to face interactions with their friends and teacher.

Each morning this term, the children engaged in a focus task to get them motivated for the day ahead. They had been out of the school environment for a long time and these fun focus tasks helped regain attention and concentration. Focus tasks included puzzles, riddles, dingbats, spot the difference, sudoku, pictionary and many more.(Plus, children had a chance to earn points for their pods which they loved😊)

In literacy, the children have enjoyed learning a new ‘powerword’ each day. We used our dictionaries to look up the meaning of the new word and put it into a sentence. It has been fantastic to see children using the new vocabulary in their recount writing. The pupils wrote very spooky recounts inspired by scary pictures. An excellent effort has been made with regards to handwriting and spelling.

In September, we practised the comprehension strategy of prediction while reading the books ‘Train to Somewhere’  and listening to the audiobook ‘I believe in Unicorns’. This month, the children completed sensory charts and changing images while reading ‘Dandelions’ to practise the strategy of visualisation.

In maths, the children have been engaging in fun warm up games such as noggle, popcorn, buzz and table shootdown. We have been revising our tables and mental maths strategies the children had learned in 4th class. Last week, the children were working on data and drew out bar charts into their copies based on their favourite chocolate bars and colours.

In gaeilge, the children just finished the theme ‘Oíche Shamhna’ and have learned lots of new vocabulary based on the topic. They also recited the fun poem ‘An Chailleach Ghránna’ from the new ‘Bua na Cainte’ programme which they loved.

For art this month, the children made clay creatures, Halloween silouhettes and very creative monster bookmarks.

On Friday, children were rewarded for all their hard work with a party. I loved their spooky costumes😊We played exciting games : find the creatures in the yucky buckets, toilet roll mummy and gold coin toss. The children ate some treats and watched ‘The Addams Family’.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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