5th Class End of Year Update!

Wow! It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of the school year and counting down the days to the summer holidays. 5th Class have been super busy over the past few months.

In SESE, we learned all about Space and our Solar System. Each pod had to research a planet and present their project to the class. We had great fun using papier maché to create our own mobile planets which are hanging from the ceiling of our classroom. Ms. Mc Mahon taught us all about Mexico, the food, sports, animals and climate. We carried out our own research afterwards and worked collaboratively to make amazing projects. Check out the pictures below!

For Art, we enjoyed using a special folding technique involved in making origami dragon eyes. Have a look at the photos! Our colourful Summer flip flop pictures and funny ice cream drawings have gotten us in the mood for trips to the beach during the holidays!

Ms.Mc Mahon learned a lot from us too this term as we took part in ‘Teach the Teacher’ lessons. We each came up with one lesson each to teach the others in the class. Our teacher learned all about cars, elephants, lions, World War 2 and Spain (and many more). Each lesson was superinteresting and unique!

Our ‘Summer Staycation 2021’ booklets were super fun to do and turned out really well. We all chose 3 locations to visit this Summer in Ireland and designed a booklet based on them. 5th class became ‘tripadvisors’ giving some very interesting recommendations on holiday destinations to their friends!

To reward all of our hard work this year, we were treated to yummy ice-cream cones when the ice cream van came to school! We were also mesmerized by the cool magic tricks carried out by the very talented Peter Blackthorn. We took part in egg and spoon races and sack races for our sports day!

We would like to give a special word of thanks to our two lovely SNAs Linda and Marian who are in our classroom every day. They are extremely helpful and so kind to us. Have a great summer Linda and Marian!

We are looking forward to a relaxing and fun Summer ahead!

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