5th Class Easter Update

Happy Easter! The children were all delighted to be back in school with their friends on the 15th of March!

We had a lovely two weeks on the run up to Easter with lots of fun learning activities.We were fortunate to have a Teaching Practice student, Ms. Mc Morrow with us in 5th Class. She carried out some fabulous lessons. Each child had the opportunity to make an Easter basket during Gaeilge and were rewarded with yummy,sweet treats over the course of the two weeks.

The school celebrated World Book Day on the 25th March and there were some amazing costumes in our class, ranging from a Pokémon trainer, Sir Alex Ferguson, Farmer Jones, Harry Potter to Joe Wicks! We drew some of our favourite book covers and wrote out the book blurbs. This made for a very cool World Book Day display in our room! We listened to the audiobook by David Walliams ‘Worlds Worst Children’ while we worked and that was very enjoyable!

Jeanne, a French girl joined our class for the two weeks and the children really enjoyed learning about her country’s culture and getting to know her. We did a lovely lesson on France, learning all about the French food, landscape, sports and we even practiced some French phrases. Jeanne was able to help us with pronunciationof various words!

In Literacy, we worked on explanatory writing and learned all about the Life Cycle of the Salmon. The children wrote some great explanatory texts. In History, the children learned all about the 1916 Easter Rising which tied in nicely with a 1916 drama lesson.

Monday, the 22nd March was World Water Day and the children carried out a fun Science experiment which helped them understand that some objects cannot be absorbed by water and are therefore labelled as hydrophic.

Of course,the children were super excited to do some Easter Art. They made cool Easter Egg ornaments which involved folding, sticking and colouring and we also created some colourful Zentangle Easter bunnies. We received some interesting and fun new board games which the pods had an opportunity to try out!

It was a very busy few weeks and we were all so grateful to be back in the classroom! Stay tuned for further updates from Rang a Cúig. Slán go fóill!

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